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Looking to get into a Jeep

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Hey everyone. I’m looking to add a new vehicle for myself. I have found some used cherokee’s I want to look at. Before I do that I figured I would come here and see what to look for to not get into a lemon or a bad vehicle. I’m looking strongly towards a 2015 Cherokee latitude with the 3.2 v6.
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'Worth buying' is very relative. Vehicle history is important. Price is important. We know Jeeps aren't known to be very reliable vehicles in general, so... how much passion is involved here ? Worth taking a bit of a risk ?

45K for a 2019 sounds 'normal'. Was it on a lease ?
@ Flybynightcru & Mark

Alrighty... I took the advice and drove several Trailhawks all over the place. 5 different dealers. 3 actually took me down a some dirt road with bumps. Those 3 dealers said driving a Jeep is different than most & agreed with the advice here.

I drove a 22 Cherokee Latitude Plus, loaded... mmmm beautiful leather, like a cloud/plushy 🤤... but it's only a 2.0L. 2k lbs towing. As pretty as she was it's a no. Dove an Outback also.... yuck. Why do Washingtonians like them is beyond me.

Drove a 2020 Trailhawk, pretty loaded, leather, V6, towing package, cold weather package, no rental history, 17200 miles, 1 owner, no accidents of any sort. An OR/WA vehicle. No rust under from what I saw (yes I wiggled underneath). I dove it (with the sales gal) for 2 hours, yes really. By the time I was done I was pleasantly surprised. Not squirrly at all.

I've never driven any Jeep & I liked the feel, the handling, luv I can tow up to 4500lbs, and the room it has. The only things I don't like is: no tint on the front windows, it's "billet silver" color, and those Firestone destination tires with the white lettering have to be the fugliest tire ever!🤣

Verdict? I bought it. Pick it up tomorrow. I think everyone has buyers remorse at some point in a vehicle. Unless your ultra rich and can buy EXACTLY what you want/desire, whatever. 😉 If I'll miss one thing, it'll be gas mileage for sure! Encore was 27-30mpg. As Mark asked, "is it worth taking the risk?"

Yes, I think so.😁

Thanks everyone!

WA state
Congrats on the TH !!
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Just so we're clear on this... 2.4L can tow 2000 with or without Tow group. 3.2L can tow 4500 with Tow group, 2000 without. 2.0T can tow 4000 with Tow group, 2000 without.
So if the 2.0T has more torque and similar HP, why is it rated at 500lbs less for towing ? Good question. It's a complex algorythm. Towing capacity equation takes mutiple factors into account, we can only guess here why there is a 500lbs difference. One guess is because the 3.2L has more torque below 2000 RPM. Another is that cubic inches play a role. Turbo heat is probably another. Final drive ratio (gearing) could be another.
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