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Looking to get into a Jeep

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Hey everyone. I’m looking to add a new vehicle for myself. I have found some used cherokee’s I want to look at. Before I do that I figured I would come here and see what to look for to not get into a lemon or a bad vehicle. I’m looking strongly towards a 2015 Cherokee latitude with the 3.2 v6.
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@ Flybynightcru & Mark

Alrighty... I took the advice and drove several Trailhawks all over the place. 5 different dealers. 3 actually took me down a some dirt road with bumps. Those 3 dealers said driving a Jeep is different than most & agreed with the advice here.

I drove a 22 Cherokee Latitude Plus, loaded... mmmm beautiful leather, like a cloud/plushy 🤤... but it's only a 2.0L. 2k lbs towing. As pretty as she was it's a no. Dove an Outback also.... yuck. Why do Washingtonians like them is beyond me.

Drove a 2020 Trailhawk, pretty loaded, leather, V6, towing package, cold weather package, no rental history, 17200 miles, 1 owner, no accidents of any sort. An OR/WA vehicle. No rust under from what I saw (yes I wiggled underneath). I dove it (with the sales gal) for 2 hours, yes really. By the time I was done I was pleasantly surprised. Not squirrly at all.

I've never driven any Jeep & I liked the feel, the handling, luv I can tow up to 4500lbs, and the room it has. The only things I don't like is: no tint on the front windows, it's "billet silver" color, and those Firestone destination tires with the white lettering have to be the fugliest tire ever!🤣

Verdict? I bought it. Pick it up tomorrow. I think everyone has buyers remorse at some point in a vehicle. Unless your ultra rich and can buy EXACTLY what you want/desire, whatever. 😉 If I'll miss one thing, it'll be gas mileage for sure! Encore was 27-30mpg. As Mark asked, "is it worth taking the risk?"

Yes, I think so.😁

Thanks everyone!

WA state
Good choice, and congrats!!! It will not disappoint...BTW, I have a 2.0T in my Trailhawk, and with the factory tow package, it can tow 4000lbs, and I do 3500-3700 on a pretty regular basis...😎
Really? 4k on a 2.0? That's amazing! I'm looking forward to this Jeep journey.
Ya, the 2.0T doesn't lack any power under any circumstances. Same horsepower as the 3.2 V6, and actually a little more torque...😎
Yes, I read that
295 vs 239. That IS a difference coming from a 2.0! 😎 Better gas mileage also...🥺
Ya, that Lat+ you drove would have 4000lb towing as well with the factory tow package. Does your new Trailhawk have it???😎
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