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Lets Talk Miles

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How many miles or km on your kl?
Model year?

I got a 2018 trailhawk 3.2l 60000km

Had to get Rdm replaced.

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Ref Post #21.
Mopar, FCA, etc know for sure, it is a big secret. Each part is manufactured as inexpensively as possible to last the vehicle Warranty period.
This applies to all vehicle manufactures, they have to compete and make money to survive. This is it: Don't have a clue what it is but it looks important.
\mathrm {MTBF}= \int_{0}^\infty \; R(t) dt

\mathrm {MTBF}
=mean time between failures
=reliability function

I have a short Oldsmobile story about this but I will spare you.
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That is encouraging. Almost the same packages as my 2014 V6 TH but with only 122k miles.
Was hoping the tow group would include stronger drivetrain components. Especially PTU splines.
I Factory Ordered mine hoping somehow I got better components and 'build', but I know that didn't happen.
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