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Lets Talk Miles

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How many miles or km on your kl?
Model year?

I got a 2018 trailhawk 3.2l 60000km

Had to get Rdm replaced.

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2014 Trailhawk V6 (Bought Used in 2016 with 51k miles)
Over 134k miles on it

PTU has an internal failure as Low Range no longer engages (yet all other drive modes work), and power liftgate motor also failed. Otherwise, everything else works as intended. This is both my personal, and work vehicle. On average, I do about 20-25k miles/year, so I'm expecting over 200k miles on it within the next three years. My grand plan is for this to last me up to 300k miles. I do anticipate to replace the PTU at some point, but transmission I think if I flush the fluid from time to time, it should last well over that.

Besides oil changes, filters, and normal routine maintenance, it's been a good vehicle overall.

At the dealer, I got a quote for a new PTU at $2300US + Tax, so 7k sounds ridiculously high. I would think even a new transmission would only set you back maybe 4-5k at the dealer. Expect about 2/3rds the price at a good independent shop.
Is it still road worthy? How many miles did it go?
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