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Lets Talk Miles

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How many miles or km on your kl?
Model year?

I got a 2018 trailhawk 3.2l 60000km

Had to get Rdm replaced.

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2019 Cherokee TrailHawk (not Elite)
Purchased in September 2019 w/ 24k.
Now has 36k.

Had nothing mechanical go wrong. The radio sometimes forgets it has CarPlay. The reboot with the steering wheel audio controls and leaving the door open doesn’t work. I have to go under the hood and pull the fuse for the radio. It works afterwards but it’s funny. The thing remembers all the settings I had.
If it keeps happening, I’ll consider installing a momentary off switch to kill the power to the circuit. Because it only seems to have happened at the most inconvenient times. When I just get on the highway for a long drive or when it just begins to rain. 😂
Another thing (and it was the same thing on my buddy’s Grand Cherokee), 3/4 of the fuses under the hood were not fully seated. As if the machine responsible for pressing them in had the air pressure set too low.

I really like the car. I had a Liberty before and had been kicking the tires for a while on this new generation KL.
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