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Lets Talk Miles

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How many miles or km on your kl?
Model year?

I got a 2018 trailhawk 3.2l 60000km

Had to get Rdm replaced.

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Over 41k 2018 Lat+ 2.4L. Just got to top the oil off between changes.
Oh forgot, 2019 TH V6 no major issues. The Uconnect freaked out in the beginning,
but has been rock solid since. The map software could be better, but not a game changer.

Lifetime Maxcare on Both, with a $100 deductible.. I'm not Keith Richards, so the Jeeps
will out live me!

I forgot, 21k miles. It's the go everywhere, do everything weekend warrior.
It gets me to my DJ gigs, and hauls all my gear, but most of my jobs are
with in 10 minutes.
1 - 2 of 46 Posts