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Leather Close Ups

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I love leather, I love the Cherokee seats and I love contrast stitching. I'm going to post photos of various Cherokee leather in this thread (and hereby invite others to do the same).

This way we can see from fellow users what our options are - as I find the overly processed photos on Jeep websites or even auto-blogs to not really represent the true tones and textures of these amazing seats.

So let it be written - so let it be done! :)

This is the brown leather in a Trailhawk

Contrast stitches give me strange feelings inside
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Good idea to post pictures. Is the dash a different color when you get the brown leather?
No the dash stays the same (standard blackish color) throughout all models except contrast stitching (just the stitches are dif colors), and there is one model / combo where the molding around the controls is apparently golden!? But I have no pic and no other info on it.
I love those seat bolsters on the trailhawk. How do they feel, nice and snug??
Participating in the Jeep (Ride & Drive?) event, I forget what it was called. Anyway we drove Cherokees, CR-Vs, Edge (or Escapes?) and some other direct market competitors through road courses and off-road courses.

The Cherokees bolstered seats were a) the most comfortable and b) provided the best utility for cornering and bouncing around.

1 - 3 of 29 Posts
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