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@Wisconsin Mike, did you ever measure the temp of the aluminum heat ribbon on those LEDs while they are running? I was able to cram all of that into my light assembly with some of the wiring, but I don't want my rubber grommets or anything else to start melting or burning some night...
I never actually measured the temperature of the heatsink ribbons because I didn't think it was necessary. They stay very cool. I have ran these LEDs for fairly lengthy stretches while tinkering with them and the ribbons just get slightly warm to the touch.

From your attached picture, it *looks* like you did not swap power resistors.

You mentioned fitting some of the wiring in the headlight housing and I just want to make sure that you didn't put the original 6-Ohm power resistors that came with the LED kit inside the headlight housings. Those resistors get VERY hot and could pretty easily melt plastic.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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