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Has anyone replaced the ambient light switch module. One day I was in a hurry and jumped into my 2014 limited and my knee smashed in the light module. So now I can't use my ambient light and my headlight selector wheel is bent and smashed in. I was looking them up but there's so many options I don't want to get the wrong one. Hit me back.

Is it possible you just knocked the headlight switch and attached circuit board back into the dash with your knee? I just did that exact same thing but far enough that it was pushed in so I could not reach the headlight knob.

Try taking the cubby door below off and reach up behind the headlight switch and see if you can push it back into place. This will only work if it is very slightly pushed in. You can also use a trim tool or fine screwdriver to pry the face plate with the ambient and dash roller wheels off, then it's easier to place the circuit board back in correctly.

Caveat here is that you need to line up the roller wheels correctly with the raised peg on the rheostat on the circuit board. Not hard, but they won't work correctly if not done.

Pics below show it knocked in and then accessed through the cubby below. This is before I pried off the face plate and reinserted the board to the face plate and replaced in the dash. It all works as new now.

Hope this helps.

Good luck!
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