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Just took delivery of a custom order... couple questions?

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Custom order 2015 Anvil Trailhawk, every option.

For one... I'm stoked. I love it so far.

A couple of things I'm wondering about and don't know where else to ask...

1. I expected the passenger seat to have that cool hidden flip up compartment for storage. It's not there! Now I do have the heated, and ventilated memory seats and the full leather... is this why? Sorry for a possible dumb question I just haven't been able to find this answer elsewhere.

2. Ambient lighting sensor dial appears to do absolutely nothing. Is there a setting somewhere I need to turn on or do I need to ask about this? Maybe a fuse? :frown: Will this be a huge deal to fix if its a problem? My cup holder lights do turn on when I turn on the headlights... but no other ... passenger foot area? No lights there at all... No lights appear to come on or be affected at all.

Now obviously those are very minor problems. I Absolutely love it so far. Only 200 miles in... looking forward to the next 200k!
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... could someone advise or take a picture of where the ambient light is located behind the door handles?
Here you go:

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