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I am an owner of a 2014 Jeep Trailhawk who is looking for assistance on software update recall or any form of assistance i can give you a rundown on what has happened to my vehicle since i first purchased it June 20th,2020 for my birthday, which has been repaired since battery, rear diffs, axels , alternator , etc through dealership and my buddy who is certified mechanic/ me. The dangerous incident that happened with the vehicle was that it was shutting off while operating vehicle causing an accident , svc 4wd and other issues and maybe you can give me some type of assurance of whats going on wether it is transfer case motor replacement or what exactly are all the issues because this was very dangerous incidents and had cause me to be involved in an accident like i stated and i am in the process of rebuilding / modifying the whole vehicle since the purchase and current. I would be glad to walk through a few things as far as what has been repaired and what has been a problem like I stated and get to the bottom of it as i love my jeep which is being moded but first the safety of it and repairs needs done.There has been recalls on the vehicle prior to me owning it so it may need an overall software update aswell. NHTSA has been contacted and trying to work with me to , Thanks!
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