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Just had a short test drive of TrailHawk

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My dealership in Las Vegas just got their first Trailhawk in and I literally drove it the first second it was available. As they parked it after the post delivery inspection I jumped in the seat before they even turned it off.

This one in particular didn't really have too many options so I'm waiting for another one to come in that is loaded (but unfortunately has the brown interior, not sure about that).

I won't touch too much on driving dynamics because the drive was only around the block (no gas) and I currently drive a 2011 Grand Sport Corvette. The difference will obviously take a lot of getting used to. I will say that the V6 is an absolute minimum, at least for me. Can't imagine having less power. Again, I drive a 'vette, but I'm actually not a speed demon and content to putt around.

The transmission the couple of times that I gave it 30-40% throttle really jumped around before getting going. It may not have the latest update, it may need to learn but I will definitely need a better drive to know.

I also didn't get to drive it on the freeway which is a must to judge the tires. They seemed audible at 45mph so I want to make sure it isn't a screamer on the highway.

Okay, here's what I DID get to check out, lol. I went over the interior with a fine-toothed comb and pushed every button and pulled every lever. I love it. All of the storage and adjustments to the seats are really excellent. Sliding the rear seats, folding them, folding the front seat, was all very easy. Certainly could do almost all of it with one hand.

One thing I will point out because it was the only thing that surprised me is this: a lot of pictures and reviews are showing the awesome storage compartment under the floor in the back. Looks great right? Well that is where your spare tire goes so it's up to you, but that isn't realistic for me. Just sayin' because I assumed the tire was underneath the car like most trucks.

Didn't get to test the headroom because this one didn't have a sunroof. I'm 5'10" and I felt like I had a lot in the front. In the rear I was certainly comfortable (lots of legroom too) but if the room comes much lower back there from the sunroof I may end up touching.

Any questions?
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I'm glad to hear that because I'd really like to have the sunroof.
Well, it was really only jumpy when I goosed the throttle a little bit. It is just noticeable when it is stepping down 3 or 4 gears or whatever. It did seem very smooth when just cruising.
One think to keep in mind when evaluating the ride and any tire noise is to confirm that tire pressure is correct. The shipping pressure is always higher than what's recommended. The shipping pressure of the tires on my Trailhawk was 40-42PSI, well above the recommended 32-33PSI.
Interesting point. I wasn't looking for it specifically but I remember the PSI being around 40 today when I drove a second one. However, this time I got to take it on the freeway and the tire noise (if that is indeed what it was) was no worse at 70 than it was at 40 so it's not a problem to me. The car is pretty quiet overall, not silent, but if you have your radio on at pretty much any volume that is all you're going to hear.

This second vehicle was great. Had every option except the tech package. Sunroof is great, headroom was not a problem. Sitting in the back I had to project my head/neck upwards to touch the ceiling, which I did. I'm 5'10" so people 6'+ may have an issue. But remember, the back seats recline. At least I'm pretty sure, it's the one thing that I forgot to check.

Transmission was great this time around, zero complaints. Engine, well I never gave it more than maybe 40% throttle. It isn't going to tear tires up, but it moves good enough on the freeway.

My totally subject verdict is this: I would have the car in my driveway right now if it didn't have the brown interior. Although it is very dark and looks good, I gotta have black. Loved the ride
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