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This post may be redundant as many have already upgraded their Cherokee audio already but just to mention the route I just finished...

I have the standard 6 speaker non-amplified system. There are many excellent posts on the forum about upgrading the speakers which I did and like others have said, they made a big difference. I put Kicker CSC354's in the two dash locations and Boss NX694's in the four doors. I didn't go with higher-end speakers in the doors mainly because I was looking to upgrade my sound but not spend a fortune on it and these Boss fit the ticket for me nicely. So, I was very happy but knew upfront I'd probably want more bass. I ruled out a subwoofer box in the cargo area (I need the space for transporting things) and reviews of underseat woofers all seem to say the same thing, they're pretty underwhelming plus there's not a lot of space under the Cherokee seats.

Then I came across the Rockville RockGhost 11" V2 subwoofer which fits in the spare tire well. It was $179 on a Black Friday sale. I finally ran the wires from my stock radio (tapping into the rear speaker wires at the back of the head connector thanks to many awesome posts here on this forum that included diagrams of the pin-outs) and ran everything down the wire track that runs along the driver's side front and rear door. I drilled a small hole through the top of the wheel well plastic liner which allowed me to fish the wires behind the rear seats.

The sound...? AWESOME! Only turned up less than 1/2 way, it's a deep, thumping, sub-base that I can feel in my body through the seats. Also, there's no loss of sound with the rear cover on - the entire wheel well becomes like a giant resonating chamber so there's no downside space-wise. And while I don't live in a high crime area, I also like how it's completely hidden so anyone looking in the rear just sees an empty space.

Just wanted to share in case anyone with the 6 speaker Cherokee was still thinking about adding a sub. It makes a HUGH difference.🔈

<photo below was in-progress right after I brought the wires in to the spare tire well>
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