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Jeep : Grand Cherokee Laredo Sport Utility 4-Door 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo Spo

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Jeep : Grand Cherokee Laredo Sport Utility 4-Door 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo Sport Utility 4-Door 4.0L



As you can see from my feedback, false advertising is not my thing :) I will include all possible details I can. If you are looking for a "Great" working car, I*recommend*you keep looking, that being said this vehicle is driven*daily, to get me and my guys to and from work with no*reliability issues. Here are some things I would look for when*buying a car Outside the car Tires - have about 50-75% tread life left (approx) Lights (headlights,*taillights, turn signals) - All working perfectly and turn on automatically when it gets dark Paint*- some paint is coming off the hood, all other areas are fine Front Wipers*-Replaced with bosch blade a few weeks back* Rear Wipers*- Probably as old as the car Power outlet/Cigarette*lighter*- Both in working order Mechanically Battery - was just replaced less than a month ago Brakes(front) - were replaced about 3 months ago Fluids*- Have all been check and are at proper levels Performance*- The jeep seems a little sluggish off the line, no matter how much gas you pedal you give it it*won't pass 2000 rpm*until about 50mph. A fix I*discovered was to keep the car in the "2" setting until about 25mph and then tap it into "D". Problem solved. Its been that way for 2 months and honestly unless your a speed racer it not a big deal. You can just keep it in "D" and keep up with traffic. The only time I use my little trick is when entering a highway from a stop. Alignment - *Right where it needs to be Inside the car Windows - All working* Door locks - All working Power*seats - driver seat is fully operable,*passenger seat can not move forward or back, it can however recline. "Command Center" (thingy under the radio that tells you what door is open) - The screen crack when a 2x4 hit it, I since then installed a place to rest my phone when I am using the navigation on it. (as seen in pictures) Lift Gate shocks**-*All*working Lift Window*shocks - Just replaced 5 months ago Interior lights (dash lights) - they randomly dim and come back on(only the light on the inside), its*definitely the dimmer switch itself. If you play with it (just even touch it) it comes back on if you keep touching it. Will Include Remote for radio Donut size spare that came with the car and a Full sized spare with about 80% tread left Ill be very honest with you, if it*wasn't*for my insurance going up on all my vehicles this car*wouldn't be for sale but unfortunately my wife will not*give up her piece of crap so I guess my old reliable jeep is going to have to take one for the team. :-( In this*auction I have been as honest as I can be, If you have any question about it please ask I will still be driving her*daily till she is sold, :-( so I can get back to you with in hours of your*question, if you wanted me to check*something else out or take a picture of something I missed. Happy Bidding,

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