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Jeep Cherokee Vs Land Rover Discovery Sport

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Yet another head to head comparison of the Cherokee and the new LR Discovery Sport. I was seriously considering the Disco Sport, as a future purchase, but have cooled off after testing one. It is not a bad vehicle but IMHO greatly overpriced, for what it offers. I felt that, even without the price differential, the fully optioned Cherokee Limited was a much better upscale SUV choice, while the TH is an infinitely better offroader.

As can be seen in the photo above, even though the Land Rover is a nice CUV, to my naked eye the Cherokee just looks sleeker and more modern.

This review pits the Cherokee I4 so I can see how someone would prefer the LR turbo four, but having driven the LR, I think that, with the V6, the Cherokee smokes the Disco Sport. The reviewers here have a different take: "..The task of choosing between the two was not easy as both had strong merits. The Cherokee Limited offered more safety features and the Discovery Sport was overall, a pleasant car to drive..."

Optically, the cars seem very similar, even though the Disco Sport has managed to fit seating for 7.

For anyone interested, here is the full review (note that the review is from Singapore):

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Considering the major price difference between the two, I find it odd that they didn't compare the V6 model. It almost seems like they tried to stack the deck.
I was sold on the Disco originally. I had a lot of time with the truck prior to it being available to the public. That said, the moment I looked at the capability of the TH and the massive price differential, it was an easy choice to go with the TH. Very happy I did.
interesting review
I too looked at the Discovery. Loved the fit and finish, amenities, solidity of build, and smoothness. I could not justify the price diff (at that time), but seeing the issues arising among many samples of the Cherokee, and more than quirky tranny plunked in these things, I will definitely revisit the Land Rover when it comes time for my next vehicle.
I too looked at the Discovery. Loved the fit and finish, amenities, solidity of build, and smoothness. I could not justify the price diff (at that time), but seeing the issues arising among many samples of the Cherokee, and more than quirky tranny plunked in these things, I will definitely revisit the Land Rover when it comes time for my next vehicle.
Same tranny in both, but maybe different softwear.
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Same tranny in both, but maybe different softwear.
Different softwear for sure, but the LR transmission is sourced from ZF and the Chrysler one is built by Chrysler under license.
I just can't bring myself to seriously consider any car called a Disco....
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I looked at the Disco Sport before buying the TrailHawk. Disco sport is not anywhere near as capable if you want to take it off road. It was not even close for me. If I was not buying a TrailHawk I would have given it a more serious look.
Ran across a video review of the two.

Somewhat amusing as they manage to get *both* vehicles stuck in mud, though I think that's mostly on account that they don't know how to drive in those conditions.
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I too was seriously considering the Discovery when I realized the Cherokee seating wasn't going to work with 3 car seats. I really like the look of it, but was cross shopping with a Grand Cherokee (which fits 3 cars seats across no problem, and has a great big trunk). Was considering the base trim with just the third row added. That ended up being the same price as my new Limited with a ton more features and packages.
Another head to head comparison of these two

For the French speakers, there is another head to head comparison of the Cherokee and the Disco Sport, in the article below.

For the rest, here are some of their comments (in English):

"...the Cherokee grille and rear appear to have been designed by two different designers...The Discovery is more consistent but also more subdued....but not as much personality as the other Land Rover models. The game will not be decided on exterior design..."

"..the interior of the Discovery is rather rewarding. ....the Discovery Sport is the only SUV in its segment with 7 seats....Its multimedia interface is more intuitive (huh? I have to strongly disagree here)....(Cherokee) has more comfortable upholstery compared to the firmness of the seat of the Discovery and a very good price-equipment ratio..."

"...The Terrain Response in the Land Rover offers two additional functions...the Cherokee Trailhawk version offroad is almost equal those of Discovery Sport (huh? ADI is equal to the LR)..."

They conclude that the LR is the preferred choice. I generally disagree on a number of their conclusions (and they are dead wrong on the offroad abilities of the two, or on the Uconnect ease of use), but it is an interesting review.

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I've never been upset that Jeep used the name Cherokee on the new KL because the TH is capable. But putting Discovery on that CUV is horrendous. I know LR is doing what they need to do to make money and I agree, but it's an insult to past Discos.
They tested the vehicles in a parking garage? Great!
I found this review interesting. It is an owners review of the Disco Sport except the owner happens to be one of the founders and owners of one of Australia's best motoring sites - Car Advice.

Read the report, take note of the price he paid for it $85k compared to my $60k for the KL (knock off the extra $2k for the 7-seat option which are really just 'dicky' seats in the back) and then ask yourself is the Disco Sport really worth - A: the score he gave it and B: value for money compared to my loaded KL with Tech Pack, Comfort/Convenience Pack and Pano.

In his 6 months of ownership he's got issues. In my 12+ months of ownership I have no issues.

I did like his comment with regards to the 9-speed though.

Anyway, here's the link:

I owned a Discovery back around the turn of the 21st century, back when they had two jump seats that folded up in the rear. The Discovery has a ton of heritage on the plains of Africa, but no more than a Jeep does in many parts of the Americas or during WWII Europe. I hated fueling up the Discovery as it required premium fuel and it had a very thirsty V-8 engine. I did have an unexpected off road adventure or two in the Disvovery as being trapped in a remote desert highway in February as we headed towards Santa Fe, we were blown off the highway. I just kept gunning the big Discovery and trying to make my way back towards the highway and hoping I didn't run upon a desert wash as we were very isolated. I also had an issue of an instant freeze while creating a hill that had pack snow that had melted in the 15F sun, but as I was coming over the hill the Sun tucked behind some clouds and a strong wind acted like a Zamboni machine freezing a smooth but downhill surface with a large curve at the bottom. Even though cruising slowly, the Discovery's antilock braking system just vibrated doing nothing as physics had taken over. At the bottom of the hill the Discovery kept its straight path right through the curve and we took out a good section of a very nice persons rod iron fencing. They were not mad as this had happened 4 previous Winters before. Finally the HOA allowed them to have boulders installed, for safety. The body repairs to the Land River were extensive and expensive.

I would choose a Grand Cherokee any day over the big Land River and wasn't impressed with the smaller Rover offerings. I would buy a MB or Sequoia before ever venturing back toward Rover. It's a shame they can't import newer Defenders into the USA even though there is actually a huge following here for them. One must retrofit a 1984 or older instead.

Jeep wins again.

What shall we have? An '82 Margaux! Is it any good? Good....?, It will make you believe in God!
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