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Jeep : Cherokee Sport Sport Utility 4-Door 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport Sport 4-Door 4WD



I’m selling my 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4X4 with 104,XXX miles (miles will increase because it's a daily driver). I’m the “real’ second owner, as the actual second owner just bought it to resell it. I bought it in 2007 with 66,000 miles in California where it spent its previous life as a U.S. government vehicle. In the six years and 38,000 miles I’ve owned it, I’ve done the following: -********* Replaced the front and rear shocks -********* Installed new front and rear brake pads, calipers, rotors, hoses, and had the brake system flushed -********* Replaced the fuel cap and vapor hose -********* Had the A/C system flushed and charged -********* Had the radiator flushed -********* Replaced the crankshaft position sensor -********* Had front and rear differentials serviced -********* Replaced the serpentine belt -********* Transmission was flushed -********* Fuel system cleaned -********* Put on four new quality Michelin LTX M/S *tires (very good for daily driving, about 30,000 miles on them) -********* Installed a new Diehard Advanced Gold battery (Oct 2013) -********* Replaced factory headlights with Sylvania SilverStars -********* Replaced spark plugs and coil rail I’ve also added OEM under-hood insulation (greatly reduced engine noise and keeps the hood paint from getting baked) and added a K&N FIPK air intake (noticeably improved engine performance). I still have the stock air intake if you'd prefer that one. I’ve always used synthetic engine oil and a high-quality oil filter. Oil was changed about 1,000 miles ago with Mobil 1 full synthetic and a K&N filter. Since I’ve owned it, this vehicle was my daily driver for three years in California (about 30 miles per day) and is now my wife’s daily driver in Florida (only about 100 miles per week). It’s driven me safely across the country and up the down the East coast with no issues and I would not hesitate to drive it across the country again to California today. *I’ve never taken it off-road. I have used the four wheel drive a few times in rainstorms while on the highway, but that’s it. The interior condition is excellent. Absolutely everything works, except the window lock feature. I added decent after-market CD player and speakers. It has good heavy-duty floor mats and a tray in the cargo area. The exterior is in good condition. There are a some imperfections such as dings and paint scratches/minor flaking (most significant shown in pictures), but overall it looks good. There is no body rust or structural damage. I keep it washed and waxed and you’ll get a custom car cover for it (I think paid about $350 for it). I'll be happy to take additional hi-res pictures of any part of the Jeep that you want. The engine runs strong and smooth and the transmission shifts perfectly. There are no leaks or drips. It has factory skid plates and a factory heavy duty transmission cooler. I encourage you to inspect and test drive the Jeep or have a third-party inspection done. This Jeep is sold as is with no warranty. If you’re not local, I’ll be happy to pick you up at the airport (Hollywood International is best) or you can arrange shipping. I can’t give you a shipping estimate; I’ve never shipped a car and don’t know how it works. * And, because it’s a question that everyone asks, I’m selling my Jeep because my wife wants a car instead. I had planned to keep it forever, but then I got married. I have the clean and clear California title in hand (a pre-sale smog test is required only if you're a California buyer). I arrived at the fair asking price of $6900 by splitting the difference between the Blue Book "Good" ($6,823) and "Very Good" ($6,973) prices. I'll consider reasonable offers. I will accept payment in cash or money order/cashier's check. A non-refundable deposit of $500 via PayPal is due within 48 hours of sale. Full payment due within 7 days. Agreed upon price must be paid in full before I will sign the title over to you.

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