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Jeep: Cherokee Limited Sport Utility 4-Door 2014 jeep cherokee limited 4 x 4



I'm selling my 2014 Jeep Cherokee Limited 4x4 because I am moving to Germany, and don't want to spend all that money to ship it overseas. We love the Jeep, and are sad to have to sell it. It will make you very happy. I am the original owner of the car, and I have the complete maintenance history of the vehicle. The car is in very good condition, with only cosmetic scratches on the inside and outside of the vehicle. There are no cracks in the windshield, and we are non-smokers with no pets. It is almost fully loaded with all options, except the sun-roof, and comes with the following features. Lots of settings to play with to make it tailored just for you. Everything is automatic so you don't have to worry about a thing, just hop in and drive. It evens turns on the window defogger, if the humidity gets high enough. Adaptive Cruise Control, a radar and camera lock on to the vehicle in front of you. Matching the speed and also coming to a complete stop if the other car does. Lane Assist, the camera locks on to the lines on the road and if you drift out of your lane without the blinker on, it will nudge you back into your lane. Blindspot Warning Chime & Indicators Self Parking, radar sensors surround the car in all directions and allow the car to both parallel and perpendicular park itself Keyless Entry, touch the door handle and the car will unlock itself, and press a button to start the car while never taking the key fob out of your pocket. Electric Power Seats, with memory. Seats move to stored memory position when you enter the vehicle for each keyfob. Collision Detection, radar in the front of the vehicle will warn you of impending collision and apply the brakes to slow the vehicle to reduce injury/damage. Great if you look over your shoulder to check if the lane is clear, and a vehicle comes to a stop in front of you. Backup Camera, with moving lines to show the vehicles path. Automatic braking when backing up, if parking sensors detect an obstacle. And the radar sensors warn of approaching cars/bikes when backing up. Premium Leather Interior, with soft touch materials throughout. Cold Weather Package, heated/vented seats, defrosters on mirrors, wipers, and engine block heater. Dual Climate Control, driver and passenger can set a temperature and never worry about it again. Automatic Wiper blades, adjust speed depending how hard it is raining. *Premium Sound System w/ Sirrius XM Satellite Radio and HD FM radio, very good sound with 9 speakers, subwoofer, and amplifier made by Alpine In-Dash Navigation System with 8" touch screen, and voice recognition. It will read your text messages to you while you're driving. Automatic lift-gate, open/close the lift-gate with the keyfob from a distance before you get to it. HID Projection Lights, high intensity discharge lights with a natural pure white color. VERY bright, and very good visibility at night. Also auto-dimming, when the camera sees an oncoming car. Switches to 2WD, for fuel efficiency. And switches to 4x4 when the temperature goes to freezing, during rain, when loosing traction/slipping, or when every you change modes to Sand/Mud/Snow/Sport Towing Package, tow hitch installed by factory.

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