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You can reach us via email at [email protected]l Jonathan Davis at the numbers below:Office (804) 222-1155Cell (202) 491-9929Fax (804) 222-1166*We are located at 5455 Fox Rd. *Richmond, VA 23250 About Us* We are a licensed independent preowned car dealer, performance shop and restoration facility in the State of Virginia. We strive to offer hand picked vehicles while giving the attention and courteous support to each individual client. We are with you every step of the way including assisting with arranging transportation after the deal is done. *We stand behind ALL of our cars 100%. We do our very best with listing and describing our vehicles on eBay. Please enjoy the extensive amount of photos we include for each car to help bridge the gap of buying a car sight unseen. By reading our feedback, you can see you are buying from professionals. Please READ OUR TERMS before bidding. By bidding, you are entering into a legally binding contract. If you don't have financing in place, do not bid until you have financing in place. All cars are sold with a clean and clear title along with 30 day tags, some titles will take up to 2 weeks to receive. Good luck bidding and if you need anything, please let us know. If you have any questions, ask before bidding. Thanks!!! WHY BUY OUR CHEROKEES!!!!! * * Here at Davis AutoSports, we offer the nicest, lowest mileage Cherokee XJ's in the entire country. *You can expect us to have anything as low as 15k mile original Cherokee to a fully custom built modified Cherokee to a Full Nut and Bolt Show Quality Restored Cherokee. *No matter the miles,*options or price, rest assured our Cherokees will not be your ordinary XJ on the*market. *We ALWAYS have Cherokees in inventory, even if they are not listed on our site for sale. We offer every Brand including, Fox, Rubicon Express, Bilstein, ProComp, Skyjacker, Warn, ARB, Rigid Industries, Dana, G2, Smittybilt, K&N, Ripp, Amp Research, ATX, Nitto, BFG, Bushwacker, Borla, Currie, Detroit Lockers, Eaton, Fab Fours, Fabtech, Flex-a-Lite, Icon, King, Fuel and Optima just to name a few. *We are also Authorized sellers for every brand we sell. Whether is a full blown nut and bolt show quality Restoration, *a simple*suspension*upgrade, or upgraded leather interior, *we are truly a one stop shop for your Jeep Cherokee XJ's. *For our expert product knowledge & professional installation, please contact Jonathan Davis at 202-491-9929. * All of our custom built Cherokees *come with a FULL 1-Year Warranty on Parts and Labor for modifications installed. Our Full Restoration Cherokees*come with a 1 year BUMPER TO BUMPER WARRANTY and a 2 year POWERTRAIN WARRANTY.* Davis AutoSports LLC was the very first and most*importantly THE original XJ builder in the US. The owner of the*company first started to*modify and*upgrade this*platform back in 1999. We have well over 300 Cherokee XJs and over 100 Wrangles built and sold in the US and overseas. We have over ONE MILLION VIEWS on youtube where you can view 100s of our custom built Jeeps. We take great pride in doing EVERYTHING in house to our XJs. We do NOT contract ANY work out like many of the other recent XJ builders that have recently started building XJs due to our success. With other companies copying our build, platform, website, and even*labeling*their Jeeps in Stages like we do with our Stage 2, Stage 3, etc *(but they call them phase 1, phase 2, etc) *we are somewhat honored that they*would copy us, but rest assure we are the true original XJ builders. We know these*Jeeps*inside and out and have worked on 100s. *We have a 30,000 Sqft Facility located at Richmond Airport for the sole purpose of building these XJs. We have 4 full time professional*technicians, 3 full time professional reconditioning/paint staff members, a 12volt specialist and a*custom*interior specialist. Our facility can been seen in many of our videos. We have*actually been approached to do a TV*series*which we have declined on many*occasions.*We are the industry leaders in building and selling custom Cherokee XJs.*Unlike other dealers on ebay that have tried to duplicate our Cherokees with slightly different parts, we sell more than an auction purchased Cherokee with a new lift kit, wheels, tires and sometimes a bumper. *Besides from being a dealer, we are a full performance and restoration shop therefor we go through our Cherokees THOROUGHLY.* You are not just buying a lifted Cherokee with new suspension/wheels/tires/bumper like other guys out there. We start with a great platform with an original XJ in EXCELLENT condition. From there we go through the entire Jeep and service ANY AND EVERYTHING that needs to be serviced, replaced, or repaired. Our builds are more like restorations. *It is important for you to know how well we go through our Cherokees. After completing the above services, we then perform a compression check on the engine (if we are not rebuilding the engine), check for proper oil pressure, coolant flow, run the AC system through a full computer check (checks all AC components including the AC compressor, evaporator, drier, flow tubes, etc - as these systems often fail in these XJ's)* At this point, we then replace and repair anything that is needed to make a complete turn key Cherokee.*We have 4 full time dedicated technicians and their ONLY job is to inspect and go through these Jeeps from front to back. *We often spend weeks just on servicing the Jeeps before we even start building them.*Once we service the Jeep from top to bottom we proceed with the build. *From there we recondition the Jeep just like we do our high end exotic cars. They go through a 5-7 day detail, full paint correction service, high*temperature steam cleaning, etc. If we are*doing a full restoration then we spend weeks on*the paint*and body and making it look like it did when it left the factory. Once the XJ is*completed, we then test the vehicle out with a 50-100 miles drive period over a 72 hour period (allow time for leaks to show and bolts*and*suspension time to break in) *and put it back on the lift and re-torqe EVERY and ALL bolts and hardware that has been put on the Jeep with aftermarket parts. We then check for leaks from all the seals and gaskets that were installed.* Our goal isn't to make these Jeeps look good and sell fast but to gain a customer for life and sell a TRULY FULLY BUILT Jeep. Our customers are from all over the country and now abroad as of lately. Due to the quality of work, building complete Jeeps, and developing an outstanding reputation in the industry, our Jeeps are now selling without even making their way to the market. We are having more referrals and word of mouth business than ever and that can only happen with a great product/service. We thank all of customers that have helped us our along the way with their purchases and praises. * NOW........ FOR THE GOOD STUFF* 1998 Jeep Cherokee* XJ *Thanks for viewing this absolutely stunning 1998 Jeep Cherokee XJ 4 Door 5 SPEED offered by Davis AutoSports!!!! *Like with all of our vehicles here, this is a Carfax Certified Buy Back Guarantee Vehicle. This 44K ORIGINAL MILEAGE Cherokee has been fully restored to better than new by us. These XJ Cherokees are getting harder and harder to find, especially in this condition as 2001 was the last year they were made!!*Here at Davis AutoSports, we are Nationally Known as the leading XJ Builder and Seller. We have build, restored and sold well over 300 Cherokee XJs over the years.* This particular Jeep you are viewing is something that can be entered into a show or hit ANY trail you through at it. Best of all this Jeep has been babied its entire life with just 44k miles. This Jeep came to us bone stock, 100% original with ZERO upgrades. This Jeep took us over 6 months to put together. Our goal with this build was to find the lowest mileage 5 speed in the country and redo EVERYTHING to make it literally Better Than NEW!!!!! This is TRULY a one of kind find. THIS XJ HAS OUR* STAGE 6 PACKAGE (WITH A TON OF ADDITIONAL UPGRADES) WHICH CAN BE VIEWED ON OUR WEBSITE ALONG WITH ADDITIONAL UPGRADES.* PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, EVERY SINGLE UPGRADE IS BRAND NEW AND INSTALLED BY DAVIS AUTOSPORTS AS WELL AS ALL SERVICES. WE ALSO INCLUDE A 1 YEAR*WARRANTY ON PARTS AND LABOR THROUGH DAVIS AUTOSPORTS* VEHICLE UPGRADES / SERVICES* * * * PAINT AND BODY : BRAND NEW PAINT JOB - 100% OF THE BODY: EVERY PANEL INCLUDING ROOF. We sanded this body down and got our all previous imperfections, dings, and defects. We primed the entire vehicle, blocked down the primer and shot it with the factory color base coat. We then added 3 full layers to clear coat and wetsanded it down to give if a super smooth and finish. The clear is VERY DEEP and looks great in person. We have well over 72 hours alone in the paint and body work on this jeep. * * * * * *SUSPENSION UPGRADES:* *BRAND NEW TOP OF THE LINE RUBICON EXPRESS FULL 5.5-6.5" LONG ARM SUSPENSION SYSTEM BRAND NEW*RUBICON EXPRESS HEAVY DUTY LONG LOWER ADJUSTABLE CONTROL ARMS* BRAND NEW*RUBICON EXPRESS LONG ADJUSTABLE UPPER CONTROL ARMS BRAND NEW FOX RESERVOIR FRONT SHOCKS WITH BILLET CLAMP BRAND NEW FOX RESERVOIR REAR SHOCKS WITH BILLET CLAMP BRAND NEW*RUBICON EXPRESS NEW FRONT BUMP STOPS BRAND NEW JKS ALUMINUM BOTTOM BUMP STOPS BRAND NEW*RUBICON EXPRESS FULL LEAF SPRINGS BRAND NEW*RUBICON EXPRESS HEAVY DUTY LEAF SPRING SHACKLES* BRAND NEW**DAYSTAR REAR BUMPER STOPS* BRAND NEW**FULL SET OF LEAF SPRINGS WITH BRACKETS AND HARDWARE BRAND NEW**REAR SHACKLES * BRAND NEW*RUBICON EXPRESS UPPER BUMP STOPS* BRAND NEW*JKS BILLET ALUMINUM LOWER BUMP STOPS* RUBICON EXPRESS 3 PIECE CROSSMEMBER BRAND NEW**GRADE 8 HIGH STRENGTH HARDWARE** * * ** * * STEERING UPGRADES* NEW*HEAVY DUTY TIE ROD BAR RUBICON EXPRESS EXTREME DUTY FULLY ADJUSTABLE TRACK BAR RUBICON EXPRESS EXTREME DUTY TRACK BAR STRUT BAR RUBICON EXPRESS*FRONT LEFT AND RIGHT TIE ROD ENDS* RUBICON EXPRESS TRACK BAR / STRUT BAR COMBO BRACKET FOX HEAVY DUTY STEERING STABILIZER* RUBICON EXPRESS HEAVY DUTY PITMAN ARM* RUBICON EXPRESS EXTREME DUTY QUICK DISCONNECT SWAY BAR LINKS * ALL NEW GRADE 8 HIGH STRENGTH HARDWARE*** * * * * * *DRIVETRAIN* BRAND NEW SLIP YOKE*ELIMINATOR* BRAND NEW*1 3/8 INCH - 32 SPLINE REAR OUTPUT SHAFT* BRAND NEW*356- T6 HEAT TREATED ALUMINUM ALLOY TAILHOUSING BRAND NEW*1310 C.V. YOKE* BRAND NEW*BEARINGS* BRAND NEW CV DRIVE SHAFT* BRAND NEW FLANGES / YOKES* BRAND NEW*FRONT RING AND PINION SERVICE* BRAND NEW*REAR RING AND PINION SERVICE BRAND NEW 4.10 FRONT RING AND PINION GEARING BRAND NEW 4.10 REAR RING AND PINION GEARING BRAND NEW FRONT DANA 30 CARRIER BRAND NEW PINION NUT FOR FRONT AND REAR DIFF BRAND NEW PINION SEAL FOR FRONT AND REAR DIFF BRAND NEW INNER AND OUTER BEARING FOR FRONT AND REAR DIFF BRAND NEW PINION SHIMS FOR FRONT AND REAR DIFF BRAND NEW CARRIER SHIMS FOR FRONT AND REAR DIFF BRAND NEW CARRIER BEARINGS BRAND NEW RING GEAR BOLTS RED ARB FRONT DANA 30 DIFF COVER RED ARM REAR 8.25 DIFF COVER * ** * * *BRAKE SYSTEM* BRAND NEW DRILLED AND SLOTTED ROTORS BRAND NEW PERFORMANCE CALIPERS BRAND NEW CERAMIC HIGH PERFORMANCE PADS* BRAND NEW*RUBICON EXPRESS FRONT STAINLESS STEEL BRAKE LINES* BRAND NEW*RUBICON EXPRESS REAR STAINLESS STEEL BRAKE LINES BRAND NEW REAR DRUMS BRAND NEW REAR SHOES ALL NEW REAR BRAKE HARDWARE* BRAND NEW**HARDLINE BRAKE LINE RAIL - PROVES BRAKE FLUID TO REAR BRAKE LINE BRAND NEW*BRAKE FLUID* * * * WHEELS AND TIRE* BRAND NEW**295/70/17 NITTO TRAIL GRAPPLER TIRES* BRAND NEW**17x9 ATX WHEELS* BRAND NEW*FULL 5TH WHEEL AND TIRE SPARE* BRAND NEW**BLACK ALUMINUM LOCKING LUGS* COMPUTER BALANCE TO .000- BLACK REAR STICK WEIGHTS* * * * *EXTERIOR UPGRADES BRAND NEW OR-FAB SIDE SLIDERS BRAND NEW XRC HEAVY DUTY FRONT BUMPER* BRAND NEW XRC BULL BAR* BRAND NEW 9500 SYNTHETIC ROPE WINCH* BRAND NEW*FRONT QUICK DISCONNECT D RINGS* BRAND NEW*XRC REAR BUMPER W/ HITCH* BRAND NEW*XRC REAR TIRE CARRIER* BRAND NEW*QUICK DISCONNECT D RINGS* BRAND NEW OLYMPIC TOP HAT RACK* BRAND NEW*FLAT STYLE BUSHWACKER FLARES* BRAND NEW*LIFE TIME WARRANTY TINT* BRAND NEW*FRONT AND REAR TINTED LENSES* * * *KEVLAR PACKAGE* SIDE ROCKER PANELS* RAISED PORTION OF HOOD* * * *LIGHTING* BRAND NEW*AUTHENTIC TRUCK LIGHT LED HEADLIGHTS* BRAND NEW*20" LED FRONT BUMPER MOUNT LIGHT BAR* BRAND NEW 46" LED FRONT RACK* MOUNT LIGHT BAR BRAND NEW 46" LED FRONT RACK* MOUNT LIGHT BAR BRAND NEW*CUSTOM FABRICATED FLUSH MOUNT LEDS IN BUMPER ALL LIGHTS ARE HOOKED UP TO THEIR VERY OWN CIRCUIT, THEY HAVE THEIR OWN FUSES AND RELAYS. ALL WIRES ARE SOLDERED TOGETHER AND HEAT SHRUNK, THIS TAKES A TON OF TIME BUT IS THE ONLY WE WE DO IT !!! NO CONNECTION BUTTS ANYWHERE ON THIS JEEP. * * *PERFORMANCE* BRAND NEW HIGH PERFORMANCE HEADER SYSTEM BRAND NEW HEADER GASKETS BRAND NEW K&N COLD AIR INTAKE SYSTEM* BRAND NEW*HIGH FLOW MAGNA FLOW PERFORMANCE CATALYTIC CONVERTER* BRAND NEW FLOWMASTER*EXHAUST SYSTEM* BRAND NEW 2.75"*EXHAUST PIPE BRAND NEW*DIAMOND CUT*EXHAUST TIP / SIDE EXIT* BRAND NEW ARB FRONT DIFF COVER* BRAND NEW ARB REAR DIFF COVER* BRAND NEW RED TOP OPTIMA BATTERY* ALUMINUM RED VALVE COVER* * * * INTERIOR UPGRADES* BRAND NEW*CUSTOM LEATHER SEAT CONVERSION* BRAND NEW*FRONT HEATED SEATS WITH 2 WAY ADJUSTABLE HEAT* BRAND NEW*BUILT UP AND RESHAPED SEATS WITH ADDED FOAM - SEATS FEEL BRAND NEW COMFORT WISE* BRAND NEW*CUSTOM HEADLINER* BRAND NEW TOP OF THE LINE CARPET WITH ADDED BACKING AND PADDING. WE REPLACED 100% OF ALL THE CARPET BRAND NEW OLYMPIC REAR CARGO RACK * * * AC AND HEAT SYSTEM* BRAND NEW AC COMPRESSOR* BRAND NEW AC*EVAPORATOR* BRAND NEW AC RECEIVER DRIER* BRAND NEW AC*CONDENSER* BRAND NEW HEATER CORE* BRAND NEW AC PLUMBING AND FITTINGS* BRAND NEW AC FREON* BRAND NEW BLOWER RESISTOR* * * * * COOLING SYSTEM* BRAND NEW RADIATOR* BRAND NEW RADIATOR HOSES* BRAND NEW RADIATOR FAN ASSEMBLY* BRAND NEW WATER PUMP* BRAND NEW THERMOSTAT HOUSING* BRAND NEW*THERMOSTAT* COOLANT FLUSH* ALL NEW COOLANT* * * * **TRANSMISSION* BRAND NEW*TRANSMISSION FILTER BRAND NEW*TRANSMISSION GASKET* TRANSMISSION FLUSH* FULL SYNTHETIC TRANSMISSION FLUID* * * * *AUDIO AND VIDEO* BRAND NEW ALARM WITH REMOTE START AND 2 WAY COMMUNCATION BRAND NEW 7" FULL FLIP OUT TOUCH SCREEN MEDIA CONTROL CENTER* BRAND NEW *FULL US*NAVIGATION SYSTEM* BRAND NEW *PHONE BLUETOOTH WITH*MICROPHONE AND SPEAKER PLAY* BRAND NEW *BLUETOOTH STREAMING MUSIC FROM ANY SMART PHONE* BRAND NEW *BUILT IN SPEEDOMETER* BRAND NEW*AUX HOOK UP* BRAND NEW*IPHONE / ANDRIOD HOOK UP* BRAND NEW *AUTO ACTIVE REAR BACK UP CAMERA* BRAND NEW *DVD PLAYER* BRAND NEW *KICKER FRONT 6.5" 3 WAY SPEAKERS WITH CUSOM GRILL AND MOUNT* BRAND NEW *KICKER REAR 6.5" 3 WAY SPEAKERS WITH CUSTOM GRILL AND MOUNT* * * * * *VEHICLE *SERVICES* BRAND NEW REAR MAIN SEAL - THIS SERVICE ALONE COST $700-$900 AT A JEEP DEALER** BRAND NEW OIL PAN GASKET* BRAND NEW VALVE COVER GASKET* BRAND NEW*NEW SYNTHETIC OIL CHANGE WITH NEW FILTER** BRAND NEW*PAINT CORRECTION SERVICE BRAND NEW*FRONT DIFF SERVICE WITH FULL SYNTHETIC FLUID* BRAND NEW*REAR DIFF SERVICE WITH FULL SYNTHETIC FLUID* BRAND NEW*NEW DOOR PINS AND CLIPS* BRAND NEW*REAR GATE SHOCKS BRAND NEW WIPER BLADES BRAND NEW SPARK PLUGS BRAND NEW ROTOR* BRAND NEW WIRES BRAND NEW DIS CAP Exterior Condition The exterior of this Jeep is in FLAWLESS*because every single part of it is*literally brand new. *The brand new paint has a great shine and very smooth finish. *Please view the entire video to see the amazing condition and ENTIRE condition report. ***I tried to include as many pictures as possible so you can see the true condition of the Jeep.....This truck is SIMPLY GORGEOUS in person. You will be very very impressed with with the condition of exterior. *We have over 150 *pics below as well as a HD video, please view all photos and entire video.* Interior Condition The interior of this Jeep is in Amazing condition for the year and mileage. The entire interior is basically BRAND NEW, so ofcourse its flawless as seen in the photos and videos below. The only parts that are original and will show slight wear are door panels and dashes.* This truck *is in great condition in every way, the motor runs great and is very strong and starts up fine with no issues.* All driving components work just as they should, the clutch is nice and tight and shifts very smooth. *The complete drive-train has no issues. *As great condition as this truck is, IT IS a pre owned car therefore you will find some minor wear from it being driven, both interior and exterior. *I would also like to add the AC is ICE cold !!!* PLEASE MAKE SURE TO SELECT THE HD OPTION* WHILE VIEWING THE VIDEO BELOW !!!!!!! *********** ** ** ** * ALL VEHICLES COME WITH A 12 MONTH VIRGINIA STATE INSPECTION* *INSPECT BRAKES FOR: *** * Worn, damaged or missing parts. *** * Worn, contaminated or defective linings or drums. *** * Leaks in system, proper fluid level. *** * Worn, contaminated or defective disc pads or discs. ***** (NOTE: A minimum of two wheels and drums must be removed from each* vehicle at the time of inspection. Consult the official inspection* manual for exceptions.)* 4. - INSPECT PARKING BRAKE FOR: *** * Broken or missing parts. *** * Proper adjustment. *** * Standard factory equipment or equivalent.* 5. - INSPECT HEADLIGHTS FOR: *** * Approved type, aim, and output. *** * Condition of lamp, wiring and switch. *** * Beam indicator.* Top of page6. - INSPECT OTHER LIGHTS FOR: *** * Approved type, proper bulbs, condition of lenses, wiring and switch. *** * Aim of fog and driving lamps. *** * Illumination of all lamps, lens color, and condition of lens. ***** (NOTE: Every vehicle must have a rear lamp showing a red light to the* rear, a white light illuminating the rear license plate; vehicles over 7 feet wide or extending 4 inches or more beyond the front fender* extremes must be equipped with approved clearance lamps and reflex* reflectors. Count load in measuring.)* 7. – INSPECT SIGNAL DEVICE FOR: *** * Approved type, proper bulbs, condition of lenses, wiring and switch. *** * Correct indications and tell-tale (visual or audible). *** * Illumination of all lamps, lens color, and condition of lens.* 8. – INSPECT STEERING & SUSPENSION FOR: (Jack up front end as shown in Manual) *** * Wear in bushings, kingpins, ball joints, wheel bearings, tie rod ends. *** * Looseness of gear box on frame, condition of drag link and steering arm. *** * Play in steering wheel. *** * Wheel alignment and axle alignment. *** * Broken spring leaves, and worn shackles. *** * Shock absorbers. *** * Broken frame. *** * Broken or missing engine mounts. *** * Lift blocks.* 9. – INSPECT TIRES, WHEELS & RIMS FOR: *** * Condition of tires including tread depth. *** * Mixing radials and bias ply tires. *** * Wheels that are cracked or damaged so as to affect safe operation.* 10. – INSPECT MIRROR FOR: *** * Rigidity of mounting. *** * Condition of reflecting surface. *** * View of road to rear (Truck mirrors must extend at least halfway beyond edge of body) – (Visibility 200 feet to rear).* Top of page11. – INSPECT HORN FOR: *** * Electrical connections, mounting and horn button. *** * Emits sound audible for a minimum of 200 feet.* 12. – INSPECT WINDSHIELD AND OTHER GLASS FOR: *** * Approved type safety glass. *** * Cloudiness, distortion or other obstruction to vision. *** * Cracked, scratched or broken glass. *** * Stickers. ALL UNAUTHORIZED STICKERS MUST BE REMOVED. *** * Sunshading material attached to the windshield to ensure it does not* extend more than 3 inches downward from the top of windshield, unless* authorized by Medical Waiver Certificate. *** * Operation of left front door glass.* 13. – INSPECT WINDSHIELD WIPER/DEFROSTER FOR: *** * Operating condition. *** * Condition of blade.* 14. – INSPECT EXHAUST SYSTEM FOR: *** * Exhaust line-manifold, gaskets, pipes, mufflers, connections, etc. *** * Leakage of gases at any point from motor to point discharged from system.* 15. – INSPECT LICENSE TAGS FOR: *** * Illumination of rear plate.* 16. – INSPECT HOOD AND AREA UNDER THE HOOD FOR: *** * Operating condition of hood latch. *** * Presence of emissions system -Evidence that any essential parts have been removed, rendered inoperative or disconnected. *** * Fluid levels that are below the proper level ******* 1.* Brake fluid. ******* 2.* Power steering fluid. *** * Power steering belt - proper tension, wear, or absence.* Top of page17. – INSPECT AIR POLLUTION CONTROL SYSTEM (1973 and Subsequent Models) FOR: *** * Installation. *** * Operation. ***** (NOTE: This includes the catalytic converter and the fuel tank filler pipe.)* 18. – INSPECT DRIVER’S SEAT FOR: *** * Anchorage. *** * Location. *** * Condition.* 19. – INSPECT SEAT BELTS FOR: *** * Approved type. *** * Installation.* 20. – INSPECT AIR BAG AND AIRBAG READINESS LIGHT FOR: *** * Any defects in the air bag system noted by the air bag readiness light, or otherwise indicated; or *** * The air bag has been deployed and has not been replaced (and is not* deactivated because of a medical or other exemption and a notice is* posted to indicate that it has been deactivated); or *** * Any part of the air bag system has been removed from the vehicle; or *** * If the air bag indicator fails to light, or stays on continuously.***** 21. – INSPECT DOORS AT THE RIGHT & LEFT SIDE OF THE DRIVER’S SEAT FOR: *** * Handle or opening device which will permit the opening of the door from the outside and inside of the vehicle. *** * Latching system which will hold door in its proper closed position.* 22. – INSPECT FUEL SYSTEM FOR: *** * Any part that is not securely fastened. *** * Liquid fuel leakage. *** * Fuel tank filler cap for presence.* 23. – INSPECT FLOOR PAN FOR: *********** (a)* Holes which allow exhaust gases to enter occupant compartment. *********** (b)* Conditions which create a hazard to the occupants. Terms of Sale Overview ** *Payment Terms:* The successful high bidder will submit a $500.00 non-refundable deposit via paypal within 48 hours of auction close to secure the vehicle. *Buyer* agrees to pay remaining balance within 7 days of auction close. *All* financial transactions must be completed before delivery of the vehicle. Acceptable Payment Methods:* Cash (In Person), certified check, cashiers check, bank wire transfer, or* third party approved financing. Please call prior to bidding to insure* your third party financing is acceptable terms of payment. All checks* are made payable to Davis AutoSports. Fees and Taxes:* Davis AutoSports charges a $179.00 processing fee. *All buyers are* responsible for state, county, city taxes and fees, as well as title or* registration fees in the state that the vehicle will be registered.* *Buyers are responsible for tax, title & tag fees in the state the* vehicle will be registered. Contact us: *You can reach us via email at [email protected]l Jonathan Davis at the numbers below:Office (804) 222-1155Cell (202) 491-9929Fax (804) 222-1166*We are located at 5455 Fox Rd. *Richmond, VA 23250 Term and Conditions: All vehicles are sold AS-IS with NO Warranty unless noted differently* above. *We sell late model, low mileage vehicles that may still have* existing manufacturer's warranty. *All inspections must be completed and financing arranged prior to bidding. *Pre-sale inspections are welcomed and encouraged. *Inspection companies are available on the internet as well as eBay.* *We will gladly take the vehicle to your choice of inspection station* within 30 mins of our dealership. *Additional keys, owners manuals, key* fobs, CD cartridges, and navigation disc may not be available if not* included in the listing. *These vehicles are sometimes on eBay up to 3-4 weeks before being sold, are driven by employees and test driven by* customers, therefore the mileage can be up to 1000 miles more that* listed above but is typically only up to 100 miles more than listed* above.* We reserve the right to notify bidders and cancel this auction. *We* reserve the right to cancel bids from those with excessive negative* feedback. *Please email or call us if you have negative feedback or zero feedback prior to bidding. *Zero feedback bidders who don't contact us* will have their bid canceled. *Upon final inspection of the vehicle,*if the vehicle is not as described*the purchaser does not have to complete the transaction. *We shall gladly* refund your deposit IF THE VEHICLE IS NOT AS DESCRIBED. *If your vehicle is shipped and upon it's arrival,*if it not as described*we will gladly accept the vehicle back for a 100% refund of the vehicle price* ONLY if the vehicle remains with the transportation company. *The* vehicle Must remain with the shipping company in these cases. *Buyer* pays for all shipping charges. *Please expect wear associated with age,* miles, and vehicle history. *We do our very best to describe the actual* condition of each vehicle, but please dont rely solely on our content,* pictures or even videos. *We may use adjectives to describe a vehicle* which are the opinions of our staff, not fact. *The entire content of* the above listing is simply an opinion and not fact. *The vehicle listed above may have dings, dents, paint chips, faded paint, clear coat* peeling, previous paint work, windshield chips, windshield cracks, wheel scuffs, worn tires, frame damage, frame rust, fluid leaks, scratches,* undercarriage rust and/or other wear & defects that are associated* with age and mileage that are not visible in the pictures & video,* or even mentioned. *Please expect stains in carpets, stress lines, worn* spots on seats, and other common interior wear even if NOT shown in* photos. *We attempt to accurately describe our vehicles condition with* photos and text. *The content in this listing is subjective and should* be used as a guide to determine a vehicles condition prior to bidding.* *If you do not see something photographed or specifically described,* please do not assume anything as we are here to answer all questions.* *Please expect wear and flaws standard on most used vehicles.* *Maintenance, check engine lights and related issues are the* responsibility of the new owner. *In efforts to satisfy all of* customers, we highly recommend Pre-Puchase Inspections PRIOR to winning* or agreeing to purchase a vehicle. *We will Gladly bring the vehicle to* ANY inspection station of your choice within 30 minutes of our* dealership. *The customer can make arrangements to get vehicle to ANY* inspection station if farther than 30 minutes from our dealership at* your cost. *Please make an appointment prior to picking up your new* vehicle.* Allow up to 30 days upon receiving the vehicle title. *Prior* to bidding, arrangements must be made with our company if your vehicle* is not to be picked up in person or if shipping is arranged by the buyer within 7 days. *Storage fees of $35.00 per day incur after the 7th day* if no prior arrangements have been made in WRITING. *Non paying bidders* are subject to the following guidelines, a $500.00 re-listing fee and* also eBay's non-paying bidder’s recourse. *All non-paying bidders that* do not communicate with our company are subject to judgments up to* $500.00 with Henrico County Small Claims Court. *Suits are filed* automatically with our legal department. *All transactions are taken* place in Henrico County so thats where all claims from buyer and seller* would be filed. *By bidding, you agree to all terms and conditions* stated above. If you do not intend on paying for your purchase, we* highly recommend you not to bid on our auctions. *We pursue all non* paying bidders. *Deposits are non refundable. *We value the integrity of our company, products, employees and most of all, our customers, so by* bidding on our auctions you are in agreement to our complete terms of* sale.* Thanks again for viewing this vehicle by Davis AutoSports!!

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