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This is my headlight upgrade for my 2014 TH:
Put in PUTCO PURE Halogen Mirror White 9012 60W 4000K bulbs.
Fog lights: Diode Dynamics PN PSX24W XML2 LED (pair) (1400 lumens) lights. Worthless as functional fog lights, but light up the sides of the road.
There are better fog light choices, but this is what I did. Use the headlight low beams for fog lights which are ok if aimed low. I don't drive in fog so this is a low priority.
When the headlights are aimed correctly they do a reasonably good job of illuminating the road if there are reflective road edge and painted center lines.
Reflective street signs help a lot. Mostly I drive where there is lots of traffic and street lights.
Then if you actually want to see good at night install driving lights and/or fog lights.
This is what I did: Driving lights
The wiring and installation is inexpensive and works well. Currently I am using a Hella 500 on the left, a pencil beam and a Hella 500FF on the right, gives side lighting.
Install anything you want, totally independent of the CAN Bus and does not give any errors.
Installation on a TH is easy. You can remove the lights when not needed and install and aim them easily when they are needed.
The lights are adequate for driving out East and rarely annoy oncoming drivers.
The Hella 500FF driving lights and Hella 530 fog lights cost me a total of $50 for everything at Spring Carlisle.
If you drive in open range country in the SW you will want at least 85W H3 bulbs or 100W H3 bulbs, but the wiring will be a lot more difficult. These bulbs draw a lot of current.
Generally you can have driving lights which are legal for "off road use only" if you install covers.
If you live in California you can probably forget this.

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The other good thing about halogen bulbs is they melt the snow and ice off of the lens and defog the stock headlight housings.
Projector headlights, no matter what kind of bulb, don't give a good wide beam pattern. Driving lights do.
The downside to driving lights they are easy to steal. They also don't fare well if you run into things or things run into you.
I park where there is a median so nobody can run into my lights.
My driving light set-up works well for going to Jeep shows in PA during the early morning hours. Lots of farm country. I take the back roads.

It is possible to trim one tab on a 9006 bulb so it will fit in a 9012 socket.
I did it on a Daewoo 9006 80W bulb. Or, use some other 9006 bulb of your choice.
A 9006 bulb is usually a low beam bulb.
It is easier if you have a 9012 bulb to copy. Wire cutters work well and file to clean up the edges.

A 9005 bulb is a high beam bulb, but I don't think the tabs can be cut to fit a 9012 socket.
I'll defer to somebody who knows for sure.
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