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Interior metal-look trim pieces

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I have seen various photos of Cherokee interiors that show the metal-look trim around the UConnect air vents, etc that look silver and some that have a golden tint to them.

Does anyone know why or is there a specific package/interior color they come different with?

I don't really care for the golden tint and I've ordered Granite w/black so I would imagine it will be silver, but some of the pics where I've seen the color have black interiors....?
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Trim for the blue/brown interior is silver...
I have the Latitude with black cloth and bronze accents. I honestly didn't notice it at first but it's really quite strange if you ask me. I would prefer the silver or even black. It is the only thing on the entire vehicle that isn't silver or black. Really a strange choice by the designers in my opinion.
Black TH has silver fwiw
I thought the bronze would look better with the blue/brown interior... It is bizarre that they went with bronze and black rather than silver and black....
My biggest problem is with the interior door handles on the Limited. They're made of this plasticky weird stuff. What's wrong with just a solid metal handle? I pray someone makes a 3rd party replacement for this.

I don't mind that personally. Though I did at first mind that while my accent colors on my dash was bronze, the door handle was silver. Couldn't they have made it both handles and dash accent the same color? It irked me at first, but i hardly ever notice it now.
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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