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Interior LED’s now flashing/flickering?

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I purchased led’s from Auxito off eBay to upgrade my interior lights. 2018 Cherokee limited.
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Looks amazing except?
After about 3 months they began to flash/flicker randomly not each one and not at the same time. I contacted the seller and they replaced them. Now another 4 months doing the same on two.
these say they are “can bus free” wondering if I just have wrong ones? No codes or dash warnings at all. The research I did previously steered me towards a single chip type instead of multiple chip designs.
anyone suggest which they like and have had good success with?
Thank you in advance
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Ok so, I think the issue IS the bulbs, because the resistance has to be just right, or the computer doesn't like it. I am pretty new to alfaobd, but I believe you can install a resistor somewhere, and fix the issue. You may also need to do a proxy align after installing everything. I'd ask in the alfa threads. Just a guess, but I have read a lot of posts about probs with led aftermarket bilbs. I do believe that you can get the led's with the correct resistance to cure the issue also. I have no idea what the proper specs are. I was about to get some off of aliexpress when I first picked my car up, and then I saw the issues other ppl had online, and decided not to mess with it until I knew more.
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