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Inspection Question

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My Limited has been in final inspection for over 2 weeks now I am seeing code I Final Inspection Built Not ok'd ??? Any info on this would be helpful
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Feeling your same pain. Sitting in inspection since build on Dec. 13 on a MI lot with no movement and real help from Chrysler on why. Estimated delivery date of Dec. 24. Don't know how you haven't pulled your hair out with an estimated Dec. 2 date. It's frustrating watching other cars move that were ordered and built after ours. I'm starting to think the 100% inspection team took the last few weeks of the year off. It's hard for me to believe that 100% inspection takes 3-4 weeks compared to standard inspection that is 1-2 days. Also considering canceling but going with something else other than Jeep. But going to give it a couple of days more then make a decision. I'm just racking up more and more miles on my trade in. Like someone said over at Jeep Garage. We are just a number on a spreadsheet and they don't care what we do. They will sell the car anyway because there is a demand. Best of luck on what you decide to do.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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