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"To: All U.S. Chrysler Group Dealers

Subject: 2014 MY Jeep Cherokee Introductory Incentives Announcement
The renowned Cherokee name has returned to the Jeep vehicle lineup for the 2014 model year with significant anticipation. The 2014 MY Cherokee redefines the mid-SUV segment delivering legendary Jeep 4X4 capability, segment first nine-speed automatic transmission, superior on-road ride and handling, world-class craftsmanship, class-exclusive technology and more than 70 advanced safety and security features.
Shipments of the 2014 MY Cherokee are currently on their way to Jeep dealerships. To coincide with the arrival of the Cherokee, effective today, we’re pleased to announce the following introductory incentives:
2014 MY Jeep Cherokee
Introduce $500 Consumer Cash
Introductory APR of 0.9/1.9/2.9/4.9%
Introductory focus lease payment of $259/39/$2,999 DAS on Sport FWD
Please ensure your entire Sales Staff is aware of these important introductory incentive offerings. New lease payment walks offered through Chrysler Capital are attached for reference.

Good Selling.

Reid Bigland
Head of U.S. Sales"
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on a vehicle like this that will help Jeep grow if they do the right things is a situation where they should be offering low interest, like 0.9% or even 1.9.
Not necessarily. It depends on who you finance through or lease through. Looks to me like Chrysler Capital is offering both discount interest rates as well as discount lease rates. You negotiated your price, not how you were going to pay for it. Also, your negotiated price is not set in stone. If you check your build sheet you will notice prices have fluctuated slightly. My build sheet has gone up $10 so far and my Cherokee isn't even built yet. The only thing that is really set in stone is any cash amount or percentage off that you negotiated. Bottom line, any dealer is not going to eat a factory price increase.
This is so true, they will make sure they send what ever extra charges your way. Unless you're a very good customer of theirs then maybe not?
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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