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How can Baking Soda and Krazy Glue fix small broken Cherokee parts?

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Ok here's a short tragic story... after arriving to some place, my 4yo daughter decides to unbuckle herself and climb through the armrest in the middle of the driver and passenger seats... the problem, she was wearing big snow boots... the result, she stepped onto one of the HVAC outlet vents on the back and broke one of its small pieces! :(

So, while I said to myself "NOOOOOOOO!!!" I really didn't make a big deal of it with my daughter since I'm the one to blame for allowing her to reach the front to push the touchscreen buttons in the past... not anymore though :dodgy: but anyway...

I just wanted to give you guys a tip for fixing small plastic parts that I friend told me long time ago... I have used this to glue together custom hamster houses, fix printers, toys, fry pan handles and now... a small piece of my Cherokee.

In a nutshell: you basically create the shape that you want to get solid as a rock with the baking soda and then you use krazy glue on top of it so that the glue is absorbed by the baking soda and that's it.

Looking at the attached image for a bit more details:
  1. Broken HVAC vent.
  2. Baking Soda and Krazy Glue to the rescue.
  3. Aligned the broken pieces and applied the baking soda on top of them making sure is not too much so that the part can still move after hardened.
  4. Slowly and very carefully applying a bit of krazy glue on top of the baking soda. If you apply too much the krazy glue will overflow and it may reach parts you don't want it to reach and so it could get stuck.
  5. Working HVAC vent again... it moves down...
  6. And it moves up... yay!

Note that the end result doesn't look as white as the last pictures look... I think this is just the illumination... but even then, you can sand this and paint at the end if you like.

Well, hope you never have to do this on your Cherokees, but just in case this is a possible solution, specially if you're not likely to get a replacement part anytime soon. Whenever you use this I'd recommend to make a test with something else first... it does get hard and it would be very difficult to undo... and be careful not to smell the reaction when the baking soda and the krazy glue combine.


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Great tip! Never knew one could do that. Just hope I don't have to perform this kind of surgical repair to my TH. :)

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