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Finally got time to mount my 42” hi lift on the Gobi Stealth rack. I thought I was going to just buy the mounts from Gobi but at $225, which is over double the price of the jack I decided on something cheaper cost wise. Paid less than $12 for this setup
Machined old Trex decking hand rails into custom mounts, ( old Trex machines great and last forever out in the elements) mounted with 3/8” x3” Stainless carriage bolts, 1/2” stainless fender washers for spreading the load on the expanded metal mess welded to the rack.
I have the Lotus designed rock rail adapter for hilift and the cover to keep the mechanics clean.
If I was hanging it on the outside of the rack, I would have paid for the Gobi because that is a lot of weight hanging out there, and the Gobi mounts are solid as they come.
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