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Help Me Decide! :)

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So I've been researching Cherokees for at least the past 6+ months and thought I had finally settled on our next vehicle (Trailhawk)...but then in the past week I was looking at some prices on Grand Cherokee's and found out I can get a GC Altitude for not a ton more $$$ than a TH.

Now I'm wondering which direction to go...I'm probably not going to be really doing much off-roading where I would really need the TH features - it's just that if I'm getting a Jeep I want it to look rugged and I like the TH better than the other trim levels.

A few concerns I have with the TH that have been making me lean more towards a GC are the following:

Towing - we currently tow a single-axle camper that has a max GVWR of 3760# (it's 2515# dry and we don't normally drive anywhere with water in the tank so we have leeway there). We currently tow it behind our 2008 Liberty and you can definitely feel it back there. We also don't have a WDH/anti-sway system or a brake controller but would definitely be getting one with our new vehicle purchase. It's normally just my wife and I in the tow vehicle (along with our small 12# dog), so not too worried about total weight. I was thinking the GC would give us some more "buffer" in regards to towing and also having a slightly larger wheelbase would help keep sway down...or is having the anti-sway system really going to make more difference than anything?

Transmission - I know it's had issues over the years but it sounds like they have most of the issues worked out? I'm still a bit concerned about the fact that it sounds like occasionally it can still "lag" a bit when you stomp on the pedal like to try and pass someone in traffic? Most of what I've read about the GC (with the V6 and 8 speed transmission) is that its really a pretty solid performer.

We are a single-vehicle family so whatever vehicle we decide on we plan to have for awhile and want to make sure we aren't going to be disappointed with.

Open to feedback and suggestions!
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Just me and the wife and very happy with the Cherokee TH for my needs very seldom we have anyone in the rear seat as far as pricing I have everything on my TH expected rock rail , subwoofer, and sunroof
I'm sure if you get a GC with same options it be several thousand dollars price difference. As far as the transmission I may be wrong but after 2016 I don't think they are anymore of an issue .
I been watching about issues on other brands and transmission problems.
Either way your choice for your need can't go wrong with either one
Finally a picture to share! (Not a great photo but loving the color and look)...
Congratulations on your new Cherokee TH :smile:
Reading your post I know you were also looking at the Grand Cherokee , what was the reason you decided on the Cherokee over the Grand Cherokee :grin:
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1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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