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Heated Windshield Wipers Hard to Change?

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Where is the heat? This seems like a feature I would really appreciate. But is the wiper actually supplied with a heat source or is it in the hood or window somewhere. I'm thinking the latter but will special, extra expense, wipers be required? And will they be so hard to change I'll have to go to the dealer?

Ditto the headlights, all three sets. How hard to change myself? Am I going to have to take the battery out? Or remove part of the bumper?

I'm thinking those wonky set in headlights might do with some heat too. Can't you see them filling up with snow? My current headlights are pretty well flush with the front end and they freeze over solid. I can chip the ice off with the end of the snow brush but I foresee lots of paint chipping off when I have to do that with Cherokee headlights. Oh, oh, that's another reason I need the TH instead, rubbery headlight surround. :)
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From what I read in the owners manual, the lights are pretty easy to change.

I don't know anything about the heated wipers. Sorry.
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