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Heat/AC from rear air ducts

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Has anyone checked whether there is much, if any, air coming out from the rear outlets? The ones on the backside of the center console.

There is virtual no air flow on mine. You can feel a very small amount of air coming out but it's almost negligible. Tried AC and heat.
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I had the same issue, mine would blow out AC but not heat..mind you i bought it brand new in November of 2015 it's a 2014 in the 5 months i have owed my jeep it has been in and out of the shop the last three months for repair on the rear vents....they couldn't figure out why it was not blowing heat. After 2 STAR cases were opened with Chrysler they came back with "oh your vehicle doesn't have the heat option for the rear" WTF right???? So Chrysler said they apologized for all the trouble and time of me taking it back to the dealership over and over for them to "repair" or "work" on the issue....they said they would Comp a monthly payment for me to help make it easier. Whatever.....my question is why did they have it for so long and working with Chrysler mechanics and technicians on this issue when there wasn't heat in the rear to begin with???? And why didnt Chrysler know this...aren't they supposed to be the best of the best in working on these vehicles?????
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