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Heat/AC from rear air ducts

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Has anyone checked whether there is much, if any, air coming out from the rear outlets? The ones on the backside of the center console.

There is virtual no air flow on mine. You can feel a very small amount of air coming out but it's almost negligible. Tried AC and heat.
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The way to get a lot of air blowing out of the rear console ducts in the AC mode is first of all make sure the ducts are open using the dial on the back of the console,
That's exactly what I did scarpi.
I felt very little air flow from the rear vents, so I decided to get in the back seat and investigate. Yep, they were closed off. When I opened them up, decent air flow. Should be plenty to get the rear cabin area cooled down quicker than just the front vents blowing towards the back.
Down here in South Florida, that will come in handy.
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