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Step1: Cut out the two rectangles in on the first template and place it on the BACK of the bumper then drill the 4 holes with a 1/4" drillbit

Step2: Cutout and align the 2nd set of template on the FRONT of the bumper using the plastic rivets supplied, the trace the template with a fine sharpie

Step3:Cut out the plastic required, I used a jigsaw (the template was not accurate at all. I spent about 1.5 hours cutting out the hole for the bezel, making sure i didnt cut out too much and i almost did.)

Step4: Drill 1/8 or 3/16" holes for the studs on the back of the bezel and use the supplied hardware to install (there is no template for the studs so you need to eyeball it)


Where you get your templates I never got one with my Bezel?
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