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GTA'ers: Tell your friend to buy my Blackhawk!

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Just wanted to share this - the dealer in Barrie where I traded for my new Trailhawk has listed my 2015 North/Blackhawk.
If any of you have friends that are interested in a Cherokee, this one's got some cool mods: OEM Grey trail hawk grilles and badges, Black OEM roof rails, OEM Blackhawk badge, OEM Trailhawk wheels, 245/65/17 Firestone destinations (5).

it's a V6, has every option (cold weather, trailer tow, sunroof, comfort&convenience, safety tech) except ADII and the premium audio.
It's been serviced regularly, it's has its transmission replaced, so it's the newer tranny and shifts well. It's in perfect condition with +/-35,000km on it.

I've got no vested interest in the sale, just putting it out there because i like the idea of someone from here getting it, or passing it on to a friend.

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