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Granite Crystal Jeep Cherokee Picture Thread

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Post pictures of your Granite Crystal Jeep Cherokee
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Picked up my new Trailhawk this morning from the dealer. Here is a picture I took once I got home.

Very nice. Great color. Congrats on your new Jeep.
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Mine looks gray some days and brown others. Like em both

Very nice TH!!!
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Very nice...

@Red Limited But your avatar says "red" Limited...?
Enjoying a nice sunny day by a local cove...
Nice. Nice color too!
Oh yea! Very nice. Congrats!
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@JustJeeping Very very nice. Congrats on your Jeep. Your pics reconfirm my decision to go with Granit Crystal...
She's less than a day old. Picked it up yesterday at 4:00pm. Really liking it thus far :)
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Why no black rims? ;)
They didn't appeal to me, and the wife, as much as the standard ones......

The sales rep showed me his TH yesterday. He black powder coated his standard rims.
We like how the sun glistens off of the Granite Crystal paint. One of the features that sold us on this color.
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Very nice!
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^^^ Very nice!
I don't know if this link has been mentioned before, but here is a link to some touch up paint.

.....handled like a champ the whole time.
Nice to hear....:)
Here's Mine, 4 hours making her look purdy today!
Very nice!!
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Granite is the way to go!!!
8000km and really loving it!
Very nice. Sweet pics!
Just added the stripe around the hood decal.
Looks great!
@naturally aspirated Welcome to the forum from a fellow Utahan. Lots of good info here. Great color Cherokee!!
The Trailhawk near Tucson, AZ among the saguaros.


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