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good cargo mat for 2019 Trailhawk

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Hi all,

The trailhawk has great rubber mats for the seating area but what do y'all use for the cargo area. I do see some on amazon that folks say seem more plastic then maybe rubber. Don't want stuff sliding around everywhere. Do you all use the weathertech?


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thanks I will look at these fine suggestions
@rlefig Search on Amazon or your store of choice for the 3D MAXpider brand. https://a.co/d/dpd0SLi I have used their mats for years and love them. They have fine carpet spikes on the bottom. A middle layer of sound deadening polymer and the top mat layer is a super textured rubber. They grip the carpet very well and do not slid around or allow items to slide around. They are custom fit and while rubber feel like premium mats and not like rock hard slippery plastic like weather tech does especially when its cold out. I had weather tech before and actually sold them off and got 3D MAXpider since they are that much better.
@jcool001985 that is the one I got for Xmas. I like it.

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