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Get out of my lease

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Hi all,
Has anyone had success getting out of a new lease without losing their shirt?
I was just told by the dealer that it will cost me $7500+ to return the car.
i leased a 2021 Cherokee limited 2 weeks ago.
It is not the car for me. The driver seat is uncomfortable and my neck and back hurt. I’m not able to adjust the seat to work for me. Ive driven Subaru outback’s for so long - thought I’d change it up. It’s not right for me.
dies anyone have experience paying to get out of a new lease they can share with me?
thank you.
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I've done it 7 times since 2012, all on FCA products leased through Chrysler Capital, the lender 99% of FCA dealers use 99% of the time for leases.
Guess I'm part of the 1 percent as my 2019 is leased through Ally Bank. I'm no expert on leases, but I'm assuming that like buying a vehicle, a dealership looks at your credit rating and that has a determination on who finances the loan and or lease. Dealerships usually have several lenders they can work with.
Ally is also a lender CDJR dealers use. CCAP is easier as they are FCA recommended captive auto finance group. They finance the cars for the dealer to buy them and they provide all the MOPAR plans financing also.

I’ve leased 10 FCA vehicles and only one was leased through Ally. That was because Ally had a drastically higher resale value on the vehicle I was looking at and the payment was something like $200 a month better with Ally.

That is not normal.
Interesting. This was actually the first vehicle I've ever leased. But I did tons of research before I went to the dealership and I knew I had a near perfect credit rating. (My only claim to fame in my life. haha) So I knew what I wanted to get from them regarding down payment and monthly rate.

It was a long, painful extended battle with them to get the terms I was looking for, but I finally did. Perhaps Ally has more flexibility on rates than CCAP.
1 - 2 of 32 Posts
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