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Get out of my lease

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Hi all,
Has anyone had success getting out of a new lease without losing their shirt?
I was just told by the dealer that it will cost me $7500+ to return the car.
i leased a 2021 Cherokee limited 2 weeks ago.
It is not the car for me. The driver seat is uncomfortable and my neck and back hurt. I’m not able to adjust the seat to work for me. Ive driven Subaru outback’s for so long - thought I’d change it up. It’s not right for me.
dies anyone have experience paying to get out of a new lease they can share with me?
thank you.
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Maybe instead of returning the car and walking away, the Dealer might be willing to "transfer" the lease to a different vehicle on their lot. The lease terms might be different, but you might not have to pay any cash out of pocket to switch.

Part of the problem is that your vehicle is now "used" and not "new" and the Dealer will have to re-price that vehicle accordingly on their lot. Plus, they may have to "sit" on it for a few weeks/months until the Title paperwork comes back from the state so they can re-process it for the next owner. Time = Money.
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Having the seats redone sounds like a good solution - until you realize this is a lease and must be returned in the same condition in which it was sold. Modified seats may need to be returned to the original condition - more cost. If course the leasing company may not care, in which case no foul. But if they do.....just something to think about.
"Nope, Mr Dealer, the seat foam broke down like that over the lease period. Prove me a liar..." lol
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