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Fuse connections for a dash cam that needs both a always on and accessory fuse

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I have a 2015 Cherokee Limited and am installing a Rove R3 dash cam. It needs two fuse connections 10 amps or greater for each circuit. Are there two such fuses in the interior panel? Checking them it seems they are all always on instead of ignition on, but I suspect it could be because a door is open, key fob close by, etc.
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Welcome :)

And also one thing to keep in mind : when you wire a dash cam on Live power (for Parking mode or whatever they call it), remember it will drain your battery. Battery in the Cherokee is known for having a short life, for a few reasons. You should consider charging the battery at home, at least once a week, overnight.
And install a quality premium "dual purpose" AGM battery. They're going to need it...😎
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