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Fuse connections for a dash cam that needs both a always on and accessory fuse

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I have a 2015 Cherokee Limited and am installing a Rove R3 dash cam. It needs two fuse connections 10 amps or greater for each circuit. Are there two such fuses in the interior panel? Checking them it seems they are all always on instead of ignition on, but I suspect it could be because a door is open, key fob close by, etc.
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Note, I don't think the armrest outlet is always on, no? Isn't it ACC (Ignition)? I think only the cargo bay outlet with the fuse (F92) that can be switched between ACC and BATT is the only outlet that can connect to battery power.
If the outlet cover has a key, it is powered when ACC or ON. If the outlet cover has a battery symbol (like in the center console), it is powered all of the time. The exception is the rear outlet. The cover shows a key but you can swap F91 to F81 to power all of the time. I think 2014-2018 shows the rear power with a battery, but fuse swap is the same.
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