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Fuel economy TH V6 with tow package

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Anyone have a TH V6 with tow package if so would you mind letting me know what type of mpg you are seeing in the city and on the highway.

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Lifetime Average with ADII V6 Limited with tow package = 10.1L per 100kms
Lifetime average is about 75% city 25% highway.

Best highway economy = 8.2L per 100kms

Towing 1000lb trailer 9.6l per 100kms
I've been getting around 12L/100kms. Or for a better representation, I can get a little over 400kms a tank on the highway heading home from Edmonton doing about 120kms most of the way. Around town I can usually get around 250kms or so. Eats up way more gas because of the high idle in the winter when using the command start. Now, I've seen some impressive stuff with custom tunes, CAI, and an upgraded throttle body spacer. My friends Wrangler JK was getting 800kms to a tank before. Now sure if those results would replicate on a KL though.
Mid 8L/100kms on my Cherokee with a few tweaks

The 2014 Limited does low to mid 7's on the highway >:D
1 - 2 of 79 Posts
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