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Fuel economy TH V6 with tow package

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Anyone have a TH V6 with tow package if so would you mind letting me know what type of mpg you are seeing in the city and on the highway.

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Have added an AFE intake and magnaflow exhaust and am now getting 24-25mpg in Calgary for daily driving, so pretty happy with this. Thinking I should be getting about or close to 30mpg with highway driving, crosses fingers. Did notice that my roof rack did reduce the mpg by about 1-2mpg as well so a bit of give and take.
I have been averaging around 26-26.5 for my Limited V6 with Tow until I removed my rack for a trip and was hitting around 28 on average for awhile. It is amazing what a rack will do to the aerodynamics of the vehicle...Rack is back on and I'm back at 26.5. Still fantastic mileage in my book for what is one of the most comfortable and capable vehicles I have owned....
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