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Fuel economy TH V6 with tow package

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Anyone have a TH V6 with tow package if so would you mind letting me know what type of mpg you are seeing in the city and on the highway.

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I've been getting fairly decent mileage (see sig) with my trailhawk v6 with tow...I think for me the cold mornings and high traffic commute takes a big toll, but I can easily pull 18+ mpg with only commute driving.

I've noticed the dash MPG gauge is sometimes spot-on, sometimes it can be nearly 2mpg too high. Never too low.

Overall I'm satisfied...I'll have to see how it does on the highway on a long trip. I figured out that my MPG tanks with cruise control on oddly enough...if only you could select a speed range to stay within favoring mpg....
1 - 1 of 79 Posts
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