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Fuel economy TH V6 with tow package

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Anyone have a TH V6 with tow package if so would you mind letting me know what type of mpg you are seeing in the city and on the highway.

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Picked up our TH with Tow/Comfort/ Tech packages eight days ago and, with only 250 miles on the odo, we had to make a run from Agassiz, BC to Bellingham, Washington 2 days ago for reasons of family, the friendly IRS, and shopping. Filled up with 89 octane once across the border in Sumas, Washington and spent a lot of time on the 2 lanes in Lynden and Bellingham, in heavy stop'n go traffic, plus idling 15 minutes to clear customs, and when we got back to Agassiz the average read 25.8 mpg (9.17 litres/100 km). That pleasantly surprised me considering the newnness of the car and the heavy traffic. We're going on a run up into the mountains tomorrow so I'll send a report later.
Took a 240 mile run yesterday from Agassiz, BC, up the Fraser River Canyon on the Trans-Canada Hwy, then across to Merritt on # 8, lunch in Merritt, then south to Hope on the Merritt Parkway and back to Agassiz. Lots of climbing from 50 feet at Agassiz up to 4,500 feet on the Parkway, plus lots of ups and downs, and twisties in between. Filled in Hope and the mpg indicated 25.2. That's not bad considering our TH only had 260 miles on it when we left the house, and 500 when we got back. I report in miles and US gallons as I lived in the US for 40 years and have never leaned to thimk in metric! And why do they report fuel consumption in Canada in litres per 100 km, instead of km per litre? It makes no sense to me.
Left Agassiz, BC, heavily loaded, with 850 miles on our TH and headed to s.w. Montana where we climbed to 8,000' elevation and there were many ups and downs after that, exploring ghost towns. We put on about 2,300 miles and, from full tank when we left Agassiz to full tank at the border in Sumas, Washington, we averaged 23.4 mpg, calculated. Our best tank was 26 mpg calculated, on fairly level ground. The EVIC usually showed 1 to 1.4 mpg more.
I stick with 89 octane too. For some reason our TH deems to be doing better than many others report. That baffles me. I should advise, for the benefit of fellow Canucks, that my mpg results are calculated for US gallons, not Imperial. We made 24.3 mpg (actual, not EVIC) on our recent 2300 mile trip to the mountains of s.w. Montana . Sorry I have to report in mpg but, after living in the US for 40 years, kilometres per litre mean nothing to me. But then I'm a young 82, and you can't teach a young dog new tricks.
Sorry, I had that backwards, 23.4 mpg, not 24.3. It do make a difference.
Those tire pressures seem low, 27 psi hot. I keep ours at 35 psi cold and they run 39-40 psi hot.
On a long trip down the Washington coast earlier this month we actually did over 28 m,pg, calculated, on one tank. Then we visited Mount Saint Helens, Mount Rainier and crossed the coast range on our return and averaged a little over 24 mpg US. Not bad considering all the up and downs we had and the serious twisties; slow down, speed up, and do it again and again and again on some sections.
Now that we're driving a Wrangler Altitude Unlimited instead of the Cherokee Trailhawk I have not seen any tank get over 20 mpg US. Most are in the 19-19.5 mpg range, but that is when we are on a trip, with the truck rather heavily loaded, and doing a lot of ups and downs in the mountains between here and eastern B.C. I don't check the mpg driving around town as I'm afraid it would make me cry. That mpg is on 87 oct though and we always ran the THawk on 89. I'll try a few tanks of 89 in the Wrangler and see if the mpg improves. - Cheers, Ted
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