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FRONT Mount Trailer Hitch for Cherokee?

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Okay... I don't actually own a Cherokee yet, but have been seriousy looking at 2018 Cherokee Trailsports as our next vehicle, but I'm wondering if anyone has ever installed a Front Mount Trailer Hitch to one? A guy at the Jeep dealership told me that there ARE aftermarket front mount hitches available, but the eTrailer site doesn't list any as being "guaranteed to fit" the Cherokee in any trim model since 2001 (there are front mount hitches for the current Grand Cherokees, but I can't afford a Grand Cherokee). So far I haven't found any while searching online.

The reason it's an issue is that for the last 15+ years I've used my old 2 door Blazer, a Ford Escape, and now a Honda Pilot to plow my long rural driveway. The plow I have isn't a full sized plow, or powered, but basically an relatively light aluminum plow that fits in a frame that is attached to the vehicle using afront mounted 2" hitch receiver:

Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light Wheel Tire Car

It's not anywhere as effective as a "real" plow, but it's saved us a ton of money over the last 15+ years, and losing the ability to plow with a new vehicle could be expensive if I had to start paying for plowing, or buy something else to plow.

So... anyone have any front mount hitch receiver leads for me?
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Not exactly easy, but try this:

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