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Fully loaded with Leather, Remote Start, Panoramic Sunroof, Navigation, Bluetooth and Satellite Radio, Power Seat, Heated Seats, Heated Steering Wheel

Plus incredibly capable Trailhawk package with downhill descent, rock crawl, mud/sand mode and more

Easy pushbutton setting for tow mode, taillights setup for towing and it has Demco Baseplate + ReadyBrake tow bar cable for ReadyBrake Elite tow bar.

See details here: http://www.readybrake.com/store/p4/ReadyBrute™_Elite_RV_Tow_Bar.html

Cherokee's require a factory tow harness, which has been custom installed and turns on when you start your coach. No fuse pulling, switch flipping or drained batteries.

42,000 Miles $23,000

Pictures here: www.sailsandtrails.us/forsale

Contact Matt at [email protected] or 214-810-0557. Please leave a voicemail if calling.


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