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Exploding back window glass

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I was driving and my back window exploded. See attached pictures.

It was a warm day (about 27c - 81f) and we had been driving around earlier with the windows open and about 10 minutes prior to the glass breaking I rolled up the windows, closed sunroof and turned on a/c. There were no bumps or anyone driving beside us. Also the Trailhawk is only 3 weeks old with 1800km on it. This happened on a Saturday after the dealer was closed so it will be going in first thing Monday morning and I have no idea what the wait time will be to replace. Also I think that some of the glass has scratched some of the paint above the taillights.

I'm thinking this could be thermal shock or a poorly manufactured piece of glass.

Has anyone else come across this issue? or any tips on what to mention to the dealer so it is covered under warranty?

Don't ask why the pictures are upside down - I have rotated and saved, then re uploaded, then rotated and save then re uploaded, repeated a few more times with the pictures in every direction and still look like this. No idea.

Thanks for looking.


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My rear window just exploded also

Driving slowly down the road and just a big bang and my rear window shattered ... no passing traffic and nothing hit it. Ofcourse chrysler are telling me they wont cover it ... this is just too coincidental to happen to so many people. My kid was sitting in the back seat also :frown: ... It blew from the inside out you can see that and there was a cushion in the back ... nothing big or bulky ... the thing just exploded.
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I was in the middle of nowhere with no one or houses around .... the bang was the glass exploding and it blew from the inside... i just washed the car 2 days ago and no imperfections at all ... it just happened and nothing hit my window. It was very hot and sunny outside about 30 and ac was full inside. Ya maybe a ufo drop something on my car but i highly doubt it ... nothing around for miles.
If there was a big bang, something hit your window... when glass spontaneously breaks it is almost silent (excepting if the glass falls, then the falling glass makes noise.)

Kid with pellet gun, lawnmower, weed whacker, bird dropping a stone thinking it is a shell, there are a number of things it could have been.

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Ummm according to glass experts it can be a bang or a click ... it is not silent ... that is from the experts ... watch this video ... it does happen and more frequently so please stop telling people it doesn't :)

Video on exploding glass from the experts ... it is actually a thing and it does actually happen ... so tired of people telling me something hit my window when they were not even there *sigh*

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All I'm saying is that I work in the industry and that I disagree. Manufacturing defects do occur, but they fail quickly after being exposed to the elements. If you have had the vehicle longer than a year and have been driving it, and your glass breaks, then it is almost guaranteed due to an external force acting upon the glass.

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But the guy in the video said it can take up to twenty years for it to explode :wink:
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So I just thought I would let everyone know that the dealership have replaced my rear window out of courtesy :)
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