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Exploding back window glass

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I was driving and my back window exploded. See attached pictures.

It was a warm day (about 27c - 81f) and we had been driving around earlier with the windows open and about 10 minutes prior to the glass breaking I rolled up the windows, closed sunroof and turned on a/c. There were no bumps or anyone driving beside us. Also the Trailhawk is only 3 weeks old with 1800km on it. This happened on a Saturday after the dealer was closed so it will be going in first thing Monday morning and I have no idea what the wait time will be to replace. Also I think that some of the glass has scratched some of the paint above the taillights.

I'm thinking this could be thermal shock or a poorly manufactured piece of glass.

Has anyone else come across this issue? or any tips on what to mention to the dealer so it is covered under warranty?

Don't ask why the pictures are upside down - I have rotated and saved, then re uploaded, then rotated and save then re uploaded, repeated a few more times with the pictures in every direction and still look like this. No idea.

Thanks for looking.


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took my jeep to the dealership and they also could not explain why the window totally fell a part.
comforting, thanks for sharing
sounds like another class action law suit is in order. wonder how you start one of those?

can it be covered by your auto insurance? I've only had from windshield replaced over the years
I filed a complaint with U.S. DOT National Highway Traffic Safety Administration waiting for a response. I figure if that if there are many cases of spontaneous glass breakage, then Manufacturer has to accountable.
Insurance covers minus the deductible.
good news, don't forget other consumer protection avenues such as

  • local attorney generals office
  • consumer protection bureau
  • better business bureau
  • open letter to local newspaper
  • letter to consumer reports magazine
This happened to me today on a highway. Scared the heck out of me as I thought someone took a shot at the window. Thanks for starting this chat.
that sounds terrifying. in my last car, I could sweat someone took a shot at me from the woods, but I think it was a glancing blow to the front windshield or a-pillar. I micro second later & it would have come right thru the passenger window! it wasn't a stone, I don't think, I've been hit by stones thrown up by trucks many times. I was not following a truck at the time. this was completely different. couldn't find any appreciable marks when I pulled over, so didn't call the police. convinced, despite the devils out there, my guardian angel did their job once again
1 - 5 of 98 Posts