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About 2 weeks ago we spent some time touring eastern British Columbia and did the circle from Nakusp - Galena Bay - Trout Lake - Kaslo - Nakusp. It was a great run and BC Hwy 31 was an eye opener. Trout Lake is almost a ghost town and the miles from Trout Lake south are a highway only in the imagination of the bureaucrats in Victoria. Hwy 31 becomes a narrow, dirt, shelf road through the mountains, with long drop-offs and only occasional passing areas. The trail twists down hill to cross every little mountain stream and then climbs back up again. We met only only one other suv in the 20+ miles and, luckily, it was at a passing zone. The 'highway' widens to a decent gravel road at Lardeau River and then becomes a rough, twisty paved road into Kaslo. Don't miss touring the old stern wheel steamer 'S.S. Moyie' in Kaslo, and be sure to take the gravel road off Hwy 31a up to the ghost town of Sandon after heading back to complete the circle. This trip was a hoot! - Ted
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