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Do you Recommend 2021 Cherokee 2.4 4x4

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Hello everyone! I’m helping my aunt find a new suv. She don’t want to spend more then 25,000 list price. I was thinking the Cherokee would be a good fit. I don’t have any experience with the Cherokee’s. I have a Patriot and there is nothing related between them. My grandpa has a 2017 Renegade but he don’t put a lot of miles on it. Anyways would y’all recommend a 2021 Jeep Cherokee Latitude 2.4 4wd?
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Thanks for the replies! I from Tri Cities wa and we have 5 2021s at Lithia new for 25,000
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Our V6 Cherokee almost matches our 2.4 Compass for highway economy, I imagine the 2.4 in a Cherokee is not really all that efficient of a combination. The Cherokee itself is not a competitive vehicle in MPG for it's class. The 2.4 is not there to be the high MPG option, it's there to be the cheap option, because the 2.4 is a cheap, rough, mass production motor. My guess is that the 2.0 turbo Cherokee is probably the most highway efficient Cherokee (?) and still a lot better driving experience than the 2.4. The 2.4 should be reserved for rental cars, IMO.
I’d go with the V6 too. It’s a lot more money though. You have to get the Latitude Lux to get the V6 in 2021. My aunt don’t want to spend over 25,000 sticker price. I have the 3.6 in my Avenger and it’s a great engine.
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