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Just a real quick question for dashcam users. I'd like to know if breaking into the wiring is easier at the top of the windshield going through the lights there. Or is it easier going through the dash compartment in the center of the dash? Or, does it simply depend on how your dashcam mounts? Thanks
Can't say which is easier. Suggest avoiding circuits controlled by the BCM; they can behave strangely (i.e. power on and off not always predictable), or at least not what some want for powering a dashcam. I connected to the cigar lighter circuits. Wanted to tap into the on/off-with-ignition and always-on circuits with a switch; i.e. tap into the 12V outlets in the media hub and in the center console box. http://jeepcherokeeclub.com/65-electronics-audio-lighting/208698-another-step-step-dash-cam-install.html#post2485522
These circuits are easily accessed by a connector behind the cover to the right of the gas pedal. The pink/yellow wire at pin 1 is IGN powered and the red wire next to it at pin 2 is BAT powered. A body ground point is also available near the harness. The step-by-step installation is shown in pictures with captions here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_FMSsMCU-3jb19VYmgwRHpseVk

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