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Can't say which is easier. Suggest avoiding circuits controlled by the BCM; they can behave strangely (i.e. power on and off not always predictable), or at least not what some want for powering a dashcam. I connected to the cigar lighter circuits. Wanted to tap into the on/off-with-ignition and always-on circuits with a switch; i.e. tap into the 12V outlets in the media hub and in the center console box. Another Step-by-Step Dash Cam Install
These circuits are easily accessed by a connector behind the cover to the right of the gas pedal. The pink/yellow wire at pin 1 is IGN powered and the red wire next to it at pin 2 is BAT powered. A body ground point is also available near the harness. The step-by-step installation is shown in pictures with captions here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_FMSsMCU-3jb19VYmgwRHpseVk
He Array,

I am trying to hard wire my new Garmin Tandem Dash cam with the parking mode cable they have and wanted to use your method for splicing into the cigarette lighters. When I click on your google drive link with images and directions it's not coming up. I know this is an older post but was curious if you still had those images and directions still, maybe on a different link? Anyways, I'm sure I can figure it out, but thought if you still had that, that I would check with you.


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