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Cylinder 1 misfire

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Already replaced the plug and coil on 1. Seems worse on cold starts. Seems to almost go away completely after warming up. Any ideas what else it could be?
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There is a slight ticking to it.

It's a 2014 Cherokee Limited 2.4 4 cyl.

I should add that I did get a p1061 code that popped up and hasn't come back. But the misfire code has returned.

There is a rocking to it
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Hey there and welcome to JCC :)

Engine ? Model year ? Mileage ? Symptoms ? Thanks...
2014 limited 2.4 runs rough. turn off and restart and seems to go away. That only happened once. Primarily runs rough when first started in the morning then smooths back out as it warms up. Replaced the col and plug on cyl 1. Was good for 2 days then code misfire on 1 came back.
Only owned it for 4 months. Oil level was good when I had it changed 2 weeks ago. Just now over 80000.

Reset the code after the bad misfire occurrence. 1061 hasn't come back. Engine light went back off on the way home tonight. Running good for now. Thinking about have the dealership look at it.
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1 - 4 of 8 Posts